Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Well, that didn't take long. Note the use the collectivist liars are putting Kerodin to. Kinda makes you wonder if that was the entire purpose of his exercise, doesn't it?

"Not everyone feels the same way about Vanderboegh. In fact, one of Vanderboegh’s biggest detractors announced yesterday that he will be in attendance at the Spokane rally. Christian Kerodin, is a self-proclaimed Threeper leader who recently moved to northern Idaho to set up an armed compound in Benewah County."


Anonymous said...

Special K reminds me of the governor from Walking Dead.

Anonymous said...

This guy is all over the WRSA website, interesting.

Anonymous said...

You know something Mike, don't argue with this guy about anything. He's a magnet for a federal swat team. All of us know what a real threeper is, and it ain't kerodin. He draws attention away from us. Let him continue to act a fool.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust the con man any further than I can throw my truck. I don't think he is stupid enough to start something here. But I've never been one to overestimate someone's stupidity.

I think this is an effort to appear to be relevant.

Mike has had the smarts to identify where the center of gravity is on issues, while the con man doesn't have those skills.

If you will recall the Bundy ranch incident, Kerodin in his blog repeatedly told folks not to go. It was only after the incident evolved into a Patriot success that he lauded the efforts of those who actually did something. It had to burn Kerodin that Mike was at ground central.

I think it's kind of the same thing here in Washington. Mike saw it as a ground central operation and Kerodin at best has been on the sidelines.

This is an effort for Kerodin to show relevancy to his sycophants.

Allen said...

"Kerodin also recently announced that he will be holding an Idaho PatCon (Patriot Convention) on his group’s property July 22-27."

PATCON...huh..where have I heard that before...

Freudian slip perhaps?

Anonymous said...

One of you fuckers is a FED. Honestly really don't give a fuck which one. I assume you guys are everywhere. Instead of messing with Patriots why not organize a mass arrest of treasonous congress critters? The balloon is going up higher every day and yet we still have to try to divide the patriot movement. It won't work. Next you will false arrest us and imprison us. Eventually you will just inter us. None of it will work.

You can not kill an idea, not even with 8th grade bickering.

Anonymous said...

Hyman/Kerodin/Whomever is abominable. I have noticed that King King Sam III appears to have a very unhealthy habit of referring to his opponents with repeated references to male erotic encounters. I don't see Dutchman 6 ever using that type of unnecessary vileness.

We are here to support and defend the Constitution, not be subjected to homoerotic rants, and that type of denigration does not appear on this website.

Freud would say that repeated references to an activity may indicate an unhealthy fixation on them. I will leave that to each person to decide for themselves, and please note that Dutchman 6 does not maintain a "regularly updated" web site dedicated to that treatment of any opponent, nor does he make efforts to trademark a Roman numeral.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Second Amendment Obama Attacking Ammo

History has clearly shown that many nations ruled by socialism, fascism, communism or a tyrannical dictator started with the banning of firearms and ammunition. A disarmed public makes for an easy conquest.

Barack Obama has been trying to disarm Americans ever since moving into the White House. He and his minions have proposed a number of pieces of legislation to ban certain types of firearms, ammunition and clips. They have tried to impose unconstitutional universal background checks for everyone owning, buying, selling or even gifting a firearm.

Anonymous said...


HappyClinger said...

That Burghart guy's a piece of work. Coward, too; he doesn't allow comments. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Police say Obama bullet ban isn't needed, AR-15 round isn't a threat

Anonymous said...

LISTEN: Obama Admin Is 'Going After' Gun Dealers

Anonymous said...


Stop bickering! Those of us who can see the failings of these others know - those who do not or cannot are not pursaded by negative comments.

This problem is universal and occurs in every shpere of human interaction. It degrades the message.

Focus on the prize - Liberty!

Kiwi III

Anonymous said...

DOJ Just Hired A Radical Imam To Teach Prisoners About Islam

Anonymous said...

Police Reject Reasoning Behind Obama's AR15 Ammo Ban!

Allen said...

anon 6:30

usually the first one to accuse others of being a "fed" is covering something.

a mass arrest of congressmen? seriously? this is what you come up with? tell me one single way that doesn't turn out badly. it's bad PR. it's bad tactics. it's bad strategically. about the only "good" in it is anyone who seriously proposes it is a fruit, a plant, or a nut. and thus should be gotten rid of. because that sort of call to action screams "sting operation designed to make congressmen hand over the keys to the republic"

Anonymous said...

Did Kerodian ever show up as promised?
I took a look at III Arms website:
- Hasn't been active in a long time. Has anyone received a firearm?
- Has anyone independent of Kerodian actually reviewed a firearm from III Arms?

In fact has anyone who is independent, reviewed Kerodian's CQB training class? It seems that the only non-Kerodian websites that discuss him are: