Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Well, looks like I'll get to meet that convicted extortionist Kerodin after all.

Just got the heads up that convicted and unrepentant federal extortionist Christian Hyman, aka "Sam Kerodin," intends to come to the Spokane rally on Friday.
I guess Spokane's just a hop, skip and a jump from that mighty fortress pie-in-the-sky, the "Citadel." (See also How Kerodin Answers Questions…)
Given that he has threatened in the past to use his vaunted martial arts skills to assault me, I guess he'll have the chance. One thing's for sure, the federal felon WON'T be carrying a firearm without federal permission, now will he? Funny thing, that. We don't hear from Kerodin when the Washington state activists are engaged in potentially deadly showdowns with state authorities, but let the feral feds jump in and Kerodin's ready to come to town. Hey, maybe he'll be driving that Magic Bus he's been raising money for. I'd like to see that. ;-)


Walter Zoomie said...

This shit again? Why can't you just do YOUR thing?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping King Sam III of the mythical kingdom in Idaho had gone by the wayside.

He reminds me of Gottleib, in that he has never met a Federal Reserve Note he didn't like.

Unlike Gottleib, he is disallowed from carrying a modern firearm.

The true martial artists I've known believe it unseemly to brag about their prowess.

Perhaps he'll have a fundraising booth set up at the event. I don't see any practical purpose in him attending.

Dutchman6 said...

Walter, I'm content to do MY thing. I've succeeded in ignoring Hyman for a long time now, having bigger fish to fry. But you must remember that a. this guy has threatened to assault me the next time he sees me; b. folks tell me this is the next time he'll see me; so, c. it seems only good manners on my part that those who are unaware of this history (including the WA state activists) should understand the career of this con man/extortionist before it happens at their event -- a confrontation that could only serve to be used by the feds to discredit it. I wish Kerodin no violence. It is Kerodin's followers who have been prominent in wishing me dead by "rotting from the inside out" with cancer (and worse), not the other way round. I have no evidence that the threats he has issued and the animus he loudly and obscenely brayed has diminished over time. In my experience, when a convicted criminal threatens you, you should at least take note of it. I do know he hasn't tried to threaten any more firearm manufacturers with his "trademarked III" hustle. No doubt he is attending Spokane to try to regain some perception of relevance in the larger struggle. Good luck with that.

I am reminded of the scene in Fiddler on the Roof, where the Rabbi is asked if there is a blessing for the Tsar. He thinks for a moment and says, "May God bless and keep the Tsar -- far away from us." That is my attitude for the stunted sociopathic soul currently calling himself Sam Kerodin. What he does outside the Three Percent movement is of supreme indifference to me. What he intends to do in Spokane to discredit the event is of supreme interest to me, and, I'm sure, to the organizers.

Anonymous said...

I know you understand this, there are true guardian angels. You have nothing to fear.

brassbryan said...

i've been dubious in the past that kerodin (or whatever his name is) is worthy of attention, but i gotta agree with mike on this. seems like a wise heads up.

mike, you're in my prayers, for both this and your health. be well.

Anonymous said...

I STILL wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that fuckin guy. It is not so much that I despise the fact that this jackass extortionist yokel tried to steal the III message, logo, etc. I despise that his last couple of hold-out, unreconstructed acolytes show up at the big boys table whenever that prick is mentioned to throw ham handed insults.

Someone nudge me when the stink is gone.

Maria Bosworth said...

Make NO mistake!!! It will not be a good Idea for him to even look in your direction!!! He will not like what will happen to him if he does! We have Amazing patriots that will not allow anything to Happen to Mike when he is here....and we will protect him with our life if needed! ~Liberty for all~

Kit Lange said...

Mike, you know that there are people up here who will guarantee your safety with their own lives. I am one of them. I look forward to seeing you...and meeting Kerodin. I doubt he's met a girl like me before. ;)

Allen said...

Kerodin fits the profile of a Hal Turner style snitch.


"take a close look at who you're letting lead you. do they lead you up to the edge of something, only to suddenly stop and let you carry on? do they feed you just the information you need to draw the conclusion they want you to come to, or do they give you all the facts? do they demand you accept the intel they give you, and get offended when you dig on your own or find anything contrary to what they give? do they seem to magically have access to equipment that is just too good or too plentiful for the day job they say they have? do they have WAY too much interest in getting people's contact information to the point of DEMANDING it? do they sell or give things that are somehow branded or identifiable when low profile is more appropriate? do they have a background that would deny them legal access to firearms, yet they seem to have no issues with being on camera with firearms? and when those pictures/videos are posted online nothing ever seems to come of it? do they somehow want to isolate the group from the general population even after reviewing the tactics of past sieges and how static defenses DON'T WORK they just give the other side plenty of time to build up and get you? are they VERY quick to call someone else a plant/saboteur/FBI agent?

we are being led in circles, the same way you get a stampeding herd of cows to go in circles to tire them out (at least, that's what they did in the movies). this is why we don't win. this is why the militia/patriot movements before us and the 912/TEA party movements now, remain marginalized."

Paul X said...

All my heroes have feet of clay - as do I. All except Marshall Fritz, who was an angel as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I don't want to hear about this sniping. I don't visit this blog in order to see this stuff.

Dutchman6 said...

"Anyway, I don't want to hear about this sniping. I don't visit this blog in order to see this stuff."

There is a solution to that -- don't visit here. I think I adequately explained why I wrote what I wrote. Others have taken their verbal marbles over various issues in the past and left. That option is always open to anyone. I will continue to write what I want and what I see a need for.

Dutchman6 said...

Maria, as I wrote Anthony in an email this morning, I am not concerned about my security but about the integrity of the operation on the ground Friday. Despite the questions the feds asked Anthony about me when they had him in that steel cage, this is not about me but about discrediting the entire I Will Not Comply armed civil disobedience movement. An incident involving an ex-con federal felon could do that very easily, leaving one to wonder just who it is that Kerodin serves.

Allen said...

so, apparently "cav med" decided to put the usual anti-mike crap over on my blog. since it was a repeat of what has been said before, and debunked, I deleted it.

I also noticed he didn't actually try to refute any of my accusations. which tells me he can't

kerodin is coming to this rally for the same reason Captain Chemtrails came to the rally in texas. to distract, and make the primary focus of the rally himself, thus marginalizing the rest of the attendees.

I've noticed similar tactics between kerodin and alex jones. Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action. or the Hal Turner program has graduated a few more students.

Haxo Angmark said...

Kerodin is a "bridge" or a "double": both .gov and FreeFor, and neither. Out entirely for Himself. Another, eventually successful instance of onesuch would be J. Stalin

Paul X said...

"There is a solution to that -- don't visit here."

I can detect an invitation to leave when I see it. Have it your way, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Paul X,

Come on Mr. Pouty Pants. Lets not be petty and all try to learn something. I am sure what goes on in your house or your head is from your own design.

Or not. The webz a pretty big place. Lots of room to live in a vacuum elsewhere.