Friday, March 13, 2015

Underdogs and Overlords

Such people believe it to be entirely appropriate to imprison a human being for wounding a police dog, while offering a paid vacation to a cop who shoots a ten-year-old boy, or blows open the chest of a sleeping infant with a flash-bang grenade.


Anonymous said...

House Democrats Filing Bill To Ban AR-15 Ammunition After ATF Shelved Proposed Ban Over Public Outcry…

Anonymous said...

This is just one more reason that I, while not looking to see cops intentionally shot and provoking a civil war, just don't care anymore when I read of one being shot. I just have no feelings towards them whatsoever. And if the sleeping masses can't see that they have been relegated to "slave" status then I really have no feelings for them either. There's so many places for anyone to get information on the reality of what's happening to them, and many just don't want to know. As if burying their head in the sand will save them. And I'm sure many others are feeling the same way about cops; just not caring. If they're going to continue to have an "us against them" attitude towards the People then they don't deserve our condolences when something happens to them.

Anonymous said...

If people only understood what it ment to be a juror.
What is obvious to me, 90% of Jurors are just "Show Pieces" , "Automaton's" , children, brainless welps "doing as there Told".
That... Is not justice, it's a Broadway Show.
Step Right up boys and girls , STEP UP!!!

Harry_the_Horrible said...

How far will such a bill get in a Republican House?

Just some grandstanding to curry favor with their hoplophobic constituents.

The real question is, how long before Democrats dominate the Senate and House and can pass such a bill?

Anonymous said...

Some animals are more equal than others. Feral hogs are a problem in all 50 states. That means that they are EVERYONES problem, now. Time for some abatement?

Anonymous said...

"Some animals are more equal than others"....a more appropriate quote never existed.

Carl Stevenson said...

If they make it murder to defend youself against the K9, people will quickly figure out that they might as well kill the jackboot too and escape the charges. After all, as Henry Bowman says, “After the first one, they’re free."

Anonymous said...

Republicans in control of congress SHOULD pass that ban bill by all voting present and the quorum created by doing so puts every democrat on record with their votes. When it passes, send it to the Senate and do the same thing. Send it instantly to OBAMA and force him to sign or veto it. When he signs it - he has to- then file suit in DC court. Once the suit is filed, republican majorities then pass a sense of the house resolution that ALL ammunition bans are crystal clear violations of the individual enunerated right to keep and bear arms - noting that it's actions in passing the legislation was done specifically TO press the judiciary to act - to put an end to the ABUSE of the legislative AND judicial systems by the "democratic" party.

Stop the playing around and pull the Constititional levers. Fight to WIN!!

Or just now down before the same old corrupt game of politicking lies, playing games with RIGHTS and doing nothing more than ABUSING GOVERNMENT in order to enrich special interest pocketbooks.

Enough is enough my friends but only when we stand up and declare it - then act to end it decisively.

Anonymous said...

Creating a protected class of trained animals is an absurdity.

The whole point of a police dog is to perform tasks its human handler can not perform, or not as easily. Risk to the animal may be expected, as officers often direct their dogs to attack people, whether the action is legitimate or not. The people involved may be armed.

Felony sentences that place any animal's life above that of a human is insulting, considering the average lifespan of such animals is ten years or less, not eighty or more.

America is literally going to the dogs.

Galaxie_Man said...

I have always said, that if a LEO shoots any one of my dogs, it will cost 3 LEO's per dog. I hold MY dogs above all others (especially a police K-9 which in reality is nothing more than a "tool") since they are true members of my family. Entering my property and shooting my dogs only ends one way.

Anonymous said...

So, what do we do? 3/4" steel plates instead of sheet rock and Lexgaurd for window panes?

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Harry: "How far will such a bill get in a Republican House?

Just some grandstanding to curry favor with their hoplophobic constituents."

Trusting the Republicans to protect any sort of right is roughly equivalent to a Gaul trusting a Roman legion to "pass through" his territory.

Informed42 said...

The bull shit penalties the assholes are trying to impose on people for killing a K-9 dog are
sure are prime examples of their
delusional beliefs that they and their animals are worth far more than you and your animals are.

These assholes are so delusional that they believe their own bull shit !! Talk about mental defectives !!!

K-9 dogs are tools, as one poster pointed out. Tools that are just as expendable as worn out cars or other equipment. Dogs were originally considered something that could take a bullet meant for a cop. Now, they're considered worth more than any citizen.

The fat ass that shot the 10 year old boy looks like another pompous ass that's a lousy shot,
but feels it's alright to kill, or try ad kill, anyone else's dog. Another fat, trigger happy
dick head.

Just remember fellas, what goes around comes around, and to most people I know, their dog's lives are worth more than yours are, so think real hard about pulling the trigger on anyone's pets. Especially if you're just a liar
and the animal wasn't really big, vicious or attacking you.