Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"The Obama Administration’s M855 Ammo Ban Is Blatantly Lawless." No big surprise.

The ATF has no statutory authority to ban the manufacture of M855 rifle ammunition.


Anonymous said...



We don't got to cho you no steenkin' statute!" -- BATFE

Anonymous said...

Are they actually trying to ban the manufacture, or just the sale of M855 to civilians, and keep it all for Government use?

Anonymous said...

Next our great leader will ban all imports of ammo and weapons.

Buy now while you can because prices are going up!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

The Second is itself stand alone in so many ways. Other property is dealt with via the fourth - and subject to "reasonable" standards. Arguably that was a huge mistake BUT those "dealing" already had the Second to provide the ultimate arbiter of what IS truly reasonable.

The Second enumerates a SHALL NOT standard, for property ownership- regarding arms at the least. The RIGHT to OWN(keep) can ONLY come to pass IF the RIGHT to buy does indeed exist. That requires a RIGHT to SELL as well. The framers could not possibly have crafted a static right that ONLY applies to those who had them THEN! That's a nonsense argument.

All gun control "laws" exist on the false premise that you can own what you are allowed, taxed yearly if they want, and you can only buy and sell as THEY DECIDE. That's the OPPOSITE of the Second!!!

But what happens to COMMERCE CLAUSE CASE LAW, when its admitted that buying and selling IS a privilege and a immunity from prosecution for daring to buy and sell outside their controls? Gubmint controls ALL property "in commerce" except for arms?? Really? No, the truth is gubmint was only empowered to regulate commerce among the several STATES, not the PEOPLE OF!

ATF is standing down this grab, and will probably "relax" other parts of "framework" because NEVER has commerce clause case law been so close to being destroyed - hoisted by their own petard!

Face it folks. We will only regain our conceded Liberties when the one that affects all the others is reclaimed - economic freedom! Guns are indeed how we regain Liberty, but not by shooting them....by defending faithfully our RIGHT TO BUY AND SELL them. Dayum our framers were WISE! They gave us the tools, how about we USE THEM?

Anonymous said...

FLASH unconfirmed: BATFE Pulls M855 "Ban" Proposal


Earl Flanigan said...


Now let's see how long it takes for prices to drop back to "normal" after all the jugheads ran prices up with their panic buying.

Anonymous said...

Well, they appear to have backed off. ATF cancels M855 ban...for now. They'll wait for some much bigger news to dominate, and cover them for when they send the stone tablets down from the mount ATF. So keep those 'comments going to ATF. Bury them in descent. Stay loud. Let them know that we will be watching for this "not so dead snake" to come back to life again in the future. In the mean time, put together a special cache of M855 to be used exclusively on their storm troopers.

Anonymous said...

Its off for now http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/obama-administration-pulls-proposal-to-ban-armor-piercing-ammo/article23394356/

xtron said...

IIRC i saw a report that M855 is manufactured in south korea....so a ban by the U.S. gov. would be meaningless.

Millwright said...

In 5 1/2 decades of personal participation in the "gun culture" I continue to be amazed at governments' increasingly stringent parsing of our constitution and their own laws seeking ever more abstruse ways to deny both the spirit and letter of our constitution. To what effect will the traditional responses of the gun culture avail when these invidious serpents subvert the historical, social and legal mortar that binds us as a nation ? Millwright

Anonymous said...

Well that near miss should be good for another billion rounds of green tip to be added to citizens ammo stores. When prices come back down to under 40 cents, I will put back another 1,000 rounds.

Anonymous said...

Gee, how about the NRA and SAF file suit in the name of 7.62 based on all that loot they just raised in the name of 5.56? Oh wait, the whole DEAL was to threaten to ban, raise money, and then "compromise" by not banning and not suing... Gee. It's almost like I've seen this act before.

Move along now. Nothing to see here folks. Send your donations to the NRA and also to those brave brave republicans and democrats who wrote OBAMA that stern letter!!! They were all standing talk and fightin fer ya!!! Uh huh. Yuppers. And and and they WON!!! Yeserrrrie, they fought the good fight, while them open carry extremists "hurt the cause".

The "ban" (actually everything is banned already by default with 855 just being GRANTED a exemption) are RIGHTS GRANTED BY EXEMPTION? Any way, the ban would have been to our advantage! It couldn't have stood any scrutiny- it doesn't stand up to heller itself. Wait a sec, 7.62, among other ammo, is still BANNED.....so NOW is the perfect time to strike a blow. The enemy just walked back a ban, why not hammer them on the exact same point regarding other ammo????

Are certain players AFRAID of DEAL MAKING in the 90s being EXPOSED? Hmmmm? How about the 80s too? Used to wear NRA badges proudly...then I learned the truth.

Earl Flanigan said...

Anon 11:42p - it is my WAG that the batfe backed off because they had an uneasy feeling that if the 855 ban was challenged (and won) in court, then all other currently banned AP would be up for de-regulation next.