Friday, March 13, 2015

The money quote on 5.56 ammunition from B. Toad Jones.

Senator Murphy speaking to Jones @ 1:23:00


PO'd American said...

BiPartisan my arse....just gun grabbing unconstitutional Demo and Repubs supporting an unconstitutional organization.

BTW, The FBI never saved the American public one thin dime.

rexxhead said...

Yes, we should remember the bi-partisan (and wholly anti-Constitutional) way in which LEOPA was passed.

Anonymous said...

Everybody SHOULD be preparing for a government conflict against the people of this Nation. Obama and his minions have two years left. A lot of mischief can be accomplished in two years. They are working madly to rig the electorate with newly minted democrat voters through an illegal open borders policy combined with amnesty for those already here. They are doing everything they can to both reduce America’s standing in the world and weaken our economy. They have flooded the world with fresh new American dollars so that massive inflation is almost a certainty. They see conservative republicans as the enemy. They are at this time far beyond the boundaries of the constitution and still see it as an impediment to their plans. They are working to choke off the supplies of arms and ammunition in an obvious attempt to weaken the resistance movement. I’d say the chances of an actual election happening in 2016 are about 50/50. The democrats would love to find an excuse to postpone the voters sweeping them from power. There are an assortment of issues on the back burners that any one of which could be used as an excuse for martial law and postponement, if not outright cancellation of the peaceful transfer of power that happens every two to four years.
What they will do, if they chose to “pull that trigger”, is first isolate dissident areas, mainly southern states, cut food, fuel, firearms and ammunition supplies and limit movement on interstate highways so that we patriots can’t gather in problem zones like the Bundy Ranch.
So, you need to stockpile food, water, medical supplies, fuel, guns and ammo. A couple horses would not be a bad idea. You get the idea.
In the meantime, you cannot start this fight. “Weapons free” ONLY comes after the government fires the first shot. Think about the Bundy Ranch incident. All those loaded and aimed weapons and not a single shot was fired.
This must be a defensive movement, or we will be defeated and wiped out. If we keep it defensive, we will likely get outside help in the form of political support, supplies and maybe even volunteer guerrilla fighters.

Anonymous said...

Nemo me impune lacessit.