Saturday, March 7, 2015

Playing what if. Of course the human cost of the actual blast would be dwarfed by the human cost of the aftermath.

The Devastating Aftermath of a Nuclear Attack on Manhattan


Anonymous said...

Interesting and titillating tale. Not nearly as scary as House Of Cards or the prospect of another Clinton presidency. Or the struggles we'll suffer & endure trying to depose our sitting President and his enduring federal leviathan.

And just WHO has 800 kilotons to spare? Not to mention the means for delivering such a weapons into the sky above our nation?

TimeHasCome said...

There is a reason the Russians have thousands of nuclear warheads. This is because they are extremely powerful in their initial blast zone . But outside the actual impact zone ( say 5 mile radius) it will be the fallout that will kill you. If you are upwind from the fallout your chances of survival are great . I see the long term effect from a EMP to be more of a threat to America.

Anonymous said...

Yeah just watch the nuke scene from terminator 2 except you won't be able to scream that long as your vocal cords would melt. Scientists say that scene from T2 is realistic in that the heat reduces you to ash before the Shockwave comes. I always thought that the powers that be might just reset the board by nuking the planet after they retreat underground. I take solace knowing they will have fun living underground in a world where at least half the population would be psychopathic. With 1 to 5 percent psychopaths now the world is messed up.

Anonymous said...

The North Koreans want to let us know who is BOSS and from time to time threaten to Nuke the US. If we were to Nuke North Korea back to the stone ages, that would be an IMPROVEMENT since they are living at a level much below the stone age. A freighter or 2 off the coast with a missile & a nuke could do an EMP attack that would really mess us up. We are not prepared for a Post EMP world. Depending on all the "Modern Conveniences" and all the electronic doo-dads in our daily life does leave us vulnerable.

Pat H. said...

The logical type of nuclear weapon deployed against NYC would be in a small ship in the harbor, which wouldn't only have significance locally, prevailing winds from the west to the east.

Economically, most of us would recover within a month or less. The federal reserve might not, something everyone should celebrate.

Now, one in D. C. would be cause for us all to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

""Not to mention the means for delivering such a weapons into the sky above our nation?""

How 'bout putting it on a cargo ship then trucking it to the middle of the city ?
Not in the sky but still nasty.

Anonymous said...

This site has many articles on the past and current state of nuclear weapons design and use, and also good info on EMP. The search engine there brings up a lot.

The overall thought is that things are survivable outside the immediate zones, and the huge mega-nukes don't really exists anymore. It is a good way to adjust your thinking on what can and can't happen. The take away is - PEOPLE are the worst part of a nuke attack. The jackasses that go to work on you afterward will do more damage to you psychie and body than you would expect.

And yes, FEMA will positively worthless. <===<<< GOOD simulators