Saturday, March 7, 2015

I've been getting breathless warnings about this "nuke tsunami threat" in my email inbox. Please try to be a little less credulous.

No, a nuclear bomb couldn’t cause a massive wave to kill millions. . . This is an old pseudo-scientific theory, one that whackadoo tabloids parade out anytime there’s a natural disaster or nuclear threat.


Anonymous said...

No, a bomb couldn't cause a tsunami wave. However, a series of them, strategic in nature, buried deep enough along various fault lines certainly could. Not because the explosions themselves would create a wave but because plates could be irritated enough to move. That's what causes tsunamis in the first place. To accomplish something this hypothetical would take years, the perfect set of tectonic plate circumstances, bombs larger than any ever actually detonated and at more of a cost than many nations have spent on their entire military - combined.

Long ago the math was done - bombs creating tsunamis are a fairy tale matching the peaceniks claims that ocean testing would "drain the oceans".
It ain't gonna happen. It can't happen.

You know what IS going to happen though? Fools will apologize for MUSLIM scum terrorists until a nuke goes off in a major American city. That, it just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

If a nuke goes off you can be sure our government had a hand in it. Watch how quickly the narrative is rolled out that we have to give up everything and all freedoms to ensure it never happens again. Look for the timing to see if convenient and ask yourself who benefits?

Anonymous said...

Actually, it could cause a minor localized tsunami, but only if it was detonated offshore and underwater. But that would pretty much eliminate the 'shock and awe' of the blast. So the bad guys would not want to waste a nuke under water.

Anonymous said...

...and when they come to take our right of self defence, they will be dropper dead in their tracks.

Allen said...

a dirty bomb in a shallow bay would create a radioactive wave of displaced water.. put a cherry bomb in a kiddie pool. same thing

not a "tsunami", because it's not seismic. but still very bad. a north korean semisubmersible lightly manned on a one-way trip, could carry a nuke to harbors on the west coast.

j said...

Me, I'm staying indoors ever since I learned about sharknados!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol! This old thing again? Yeah, the whole doomsday bomb on La Palma island in the atlantic. One day it'll cut loose on its own, maybe tomorrow, maybe in another 50,000 years.

Same thing will happen with the Hawaiian/Alaskan/Japanese islands, Indonesia's islands, New Zealand, countless other places.

It's the lottery in reverse, every few dozen years, a million people or more get killed from a natural disaster, plague or a series of them. You exist or not at the whim of nature/chaos/statistics.