Friday, March 6, 2015

Interesting item from Herschel Smith about "Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Apparatchiks."

Here is the lesson. Bloomberg is paying her to visit web sites – particularly gun rights web sites – and spread discontent and dejection. Some in our own camp do this too, even if unintentionally (and some in “our own camp” [wink …] may do it intentionally). It’s like listening to a sarcastic Eeyore scream “my tail fell off, and yours will too.” There is no happiness, no satisfaction, no humor, no joy. Such is the mind of a Bloomberg apparatchik. Learn from it. Don’t fall into the trap of depression or compromise. Gun rights is winning. The enemy’s actions prove it.

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Anonymous said...

This point made is why I've ling said we should feed the trolls! No, not with treats but instead with seven course meals! Gorge them until their stomachs explode. Beat them at their own game. Engage them, hammer their talking points, light up their false premise point by point. When confronted, especially when they try to steer the discussion off point, they either run away or they make fools of themselves to the point they need a new screenname.

Don't fall for that garbage that open debate constitutes "infighting" that hurts our cause! Open debate brings out truth and STRENGTHENS US!!