Saturday, March 14, 2015

In crying over the loss of the M855 ban, Pravda-on-the-Potomac tells us what they really want.

"The proposed ban on certain armor-piercing bullets won’t end gun violence; background checks are more important." Ah, yes, why worry about firearms and ammunition when you can register law-abiding gun owners and force citizens to obtain government permission to engage in commerce?


Anonymous said...

I don't ask permission of my servants.

Anonymous said...

What folks need to understand is the nature of Obama's "hatred" for the 2nd amendment. He's not concerned about people being injured and/or killed with firearms during the commission of crimes. He's concerned about how an armed populous stops him from completing his socialist agenda. He is the exact type of person the 2nd amendment was designed to protect us from.

Never EVER give up your guns and ammo! It is the one thing that keeps us free! Shoot those who try to illegally take them!

"Illegally" meaning the attempt to disarm a law abiding citizen.

Anonymous said...

The Clinton's and their Globalist Initiative Foundation. Despise the 2nd even more than Barry Sorieto. Barry was just the opening salvo. For America's down fall, into total Socialism. Wait and see when Hitlery Clinton becomes POTUS, in 2016. The Clinton's, blood lust and hatred of America was not sated @ Waco, Ruby Ridge and OKC. She is Lucifer in a pants suit. Behind Enemy Lines.In Unconstitutional ,Collectivist, Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B20.

Anonymous said...

"The Clinton's, blood lust and hatred of America was not sated @ Waco, Ruby Ridge and OKC."

...Got a feelin' things will be different next time...The alphabet agencies will have to watch their flank...but even that won't help much...not with the sheer numbers that will have them surrounded.

Just think! WE will get to arrest some feds and take THEIR weapons!
Or have a hell of a gunfight with them...which they will lose...

Anonymous said...

When Florida was working on our version of a 10 - 20 - Life law a (D) state representative from Richmond Heights (south Miami-Dade County) said the law would be unfair to his constituents. Makes you wonder just who exactly he considered to be his constituents. The D party hopefully doesn't depend on the votes of career criminals. Convicted felons can't vote. ;-) But their relatives do. So Obama & Co. don't want to see wholesale elimination of "da boyz from da" hood. Which makes their toleration of shootings in Chicago's south side all the more puzzling.

Uncle Elmo said...

Since I will not register with the WaPo to make a comment, I shall posit my opinion here.

The article says "...the NRA ...construes nearly every potential gun regulation, no matter how sensible, as an intolerable violation of the ­Constitution".

I reject the premise. The gun grabbers construe every law that would infringe on the Second Amendment as 'sensible'.

They also fail to mention the fact that Gun Owners of America was also instrumental in beating this latest usurpation of freedoms back. Maybe that's because they are obsessed with making the NRA the boogey man on which to blame all violence in America. In reality, it's liberal policies that cause most of America's problems. But they won't print that inconvenient truth.

Anonymous said...

Blinded by irrational hatred they really do believe it is Constitution abiding gun owners who are responsible for all crime involving firearms - not their dedicated voters and supporters.

The biggest 'crime' is the opposition to their utopian, wealth-sharing (stealing!) fundamentally communistic policies - Of course ...

Transparency in Government only because we can see right through them and their lies.


Anonymous said...

Who ran out and bought them at a high price? Not me. If they went through with it, I'd be making my own bullets .. all super armor piercing !

Anonymous said...

The article says "...the NRA ...construes nearly every potential gun regulation, no matter how sensible, as an intolerable violation of the ­Constitution".

Bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha he he he haw haw haw haw.
Yeah, right.

Hey WaPo- here's some SENSIBLE letter laws.
You are now only allowed to use vowels on Tuesday and you are only allowed two paragraphs per article on Thursdays. Oh and you can only load sentences with words to the tune of less than ten. Eleven is a crime. Yeah and you can only sell one paper a month too.

Just applying to your right what you apply to mine, see.
Oh, that's wrong? It's wrong to abridge rights? Well IMAGINE THAT.....

Those journalists are so damn educated that they can't see the simplest of realities.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the trend graph here:

Anyone else find it curious that only four approvals have been reported since the start of Feb?

Anonymous said...

we have 27 amendments

I dont have to own a permit for 26 out of the 27..sounds like infringement to me

start the hangin