Sunday, March 15, 2015

Glenn Beck’s charges against NRA director divert attention from amnesty threat

And the thing is, even if Beck and the noise he’s making on this somehow succeed in keeping Norquist off the board, it distracts from another issue NRA is deliberately ignoring that this column has repeatedly raised, and that again, is confined to a relatively obscure venue: the danger a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens poses to government recognition of the right to keep and bear arms. Norquist supports amnesty, absolving and keeping foreign lawbreakers in this country.


Anonymous said...

Uh---cry baby Beck wants amnesty (remember soccerball gate?) and gun control(remember denouncing Bundy and his supporters---Beck only wants guns for JustUs the annointed ones). So he is just playing the part of loyal opposition and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

The Illegals 'WILL' help the Traitorous DemProgLibs achieve there dream.
The Absolute Destruction of 2A and Confiscation of weapons.
It didnt nor does it take a rocket scientist to realize Radical Political Change is what allowing these criminals in is all about!
And with the coming crime wave causd by them will come "More SWATY SOF Wannabe' sociopaths!" And power to there masters!!
The Traitorn in Chief told US, we were warned!!!
Thanx to our neighbors, family, children, perhaps even you, IT is happening. Now we will experience and live with it. Fact and TS!!
AMERICA and the Great Experiment IS DEAD!!!!

SDH said...

It's not just the "illegal aliens", it's all the immigration period. The USA has more than doubled it's population since WWII. Most of it through mass colonization. Worried about "open space"? Water? Food supplies? Stop all immigration.

KBCraig said...

RKBA is a human right, indpendent of nationality, citizenship, or immigration status.

Unless someone is threatening me or taking what is mine, I don’t cae what they’re doing, nor what their legal status might be.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should email this article to all of the talk radio types who are against amnesty and to the writers of so it spreads.

Anonymous said...

I like Beck...generally speaking. But the more the left is allowed to advance their agenda, the more certain the reality of future civil war is. I don't want a civil war. It will be twice as bloody as the 1860's one. All these illegals WILL tilt the elections to the democrats.

It makes me sad that we all seem to have to learn that lesson again. But if it must be, then I want promises that somebody will make sure that the top 1000, or ten thousand liberals, communists, progressives...whatever you want to call them, will be permanently deported, arrested or just plain vanquished...fed to the polar get the idea.

The whole idea of Socialism must be killed off.

Anonymous said...

KB- by soaking up tax dollars, those not here lawfully ARE taking what belongs to you. What part about that do you not see? As they CONTINUE to take what does not belong to them, voting is only a matter of time. Once they usurp the right to vote -which is RESERVED FOR ONLY OUR COUNTRYMEN- they will usurp more and more until they latch your right to keep and bear.

And another point - when will you see beyond yourself? How about posterity? How about what these illegal aliens plan to take from your children their children and the children and grandchildren of your fellow countrymen?

Do you feel no sense of responsibility to defend for them what was defended for YOU by your country men's forfathers? Do you not see that had they not done so for you that you would not have what you do?? Really?

Anonymous said...

We need to send everyone back to their COO (that's country of origin) who came here illegally for the last 30 years or so). Yeah I know they had amenestia from Señor Reaganito but I really don't care. Send them and everyone else home who came here illegally. It's a start, a damn unreasonable one, but hey we're in the crucible now and drastic measures are needed. Sorry folks until you grok that your country was stolen not by ISIS and Al Cicada, but rather by the importation of cheap foreign labor, you will not be able to move forward.