Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Forget whatever you think about the Netanyahu speech and pay attention to this eternal truth that Dennis Prager enunciates in this story: "Those who do not confront evil resent those who do."

Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu
For those who doubt the truth of this rule of life, there are plenty of other examples. Take the Cold War. Those who lived through it well recall that those who refused to confront communism vilified those who did. Indeed, they vilified anyone who merely labeled communism evil. When President Ronald Reagan declared the Soviet Union an "evil empire," he was excoriated by those who refused to do so. Yet, if the words "evil" and "empire" have any meaning, they perfectly applied to the Soviet Union.
But to those who opposed Reagan, these words could not be applied to the Soviet Union. New York Times columnists lambasted the president for using such language. The newspaper's most prestigious columnist at the time, James Reston, condemned Reagan for his "violent criticism of Russians as an evil society."


PO'd American said...

I threw up in my mouth yesterday after reading about Nancy's drama and theater presentation after his speach. Someone please give her an Oscar so that she'll just go home and fade away.
She is such a Political Whore.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Prager is right as far as he goes. What is left unsaid is that our president WANTS Israel wiped off the map and is doing what he can to facilitate their demise. In this case ensuring that Iran goes nuclear.
Brother Barry is a muslim with tremendous animus toward Jews in particular, the West and white folks in general.

Sean said...

Reagan certainly had his warts, but he DID oppose the Reds, something a lot of useful idiots weren't going to do. I guess frail, old,infirm women get on peoples nerves, even when playing their part. If you throw up in your mouth because of a person like her, heaven forfend what you might do if confronted by a healthy commissar. You resent her because, ta-da! You fear her. It must be terrible to live in fear. Of. Old. Ladies.

Anonymous said...

Nailed it.

It was clear to me that the only real adult in that chamber yesterday was Netanyahu.

America cries out for our own Winston Churchill.

Paul X said...

Reagan may have been right about that evil empire, but he was a hypocrite about his own. And he wasn't much of a friend of RKBA either.

I suppose we might thank him, though, for ripping off the phony veil of Republican fiscal conservatism. He was the guy who said, in effect, "We're all big spenders now!" I remember a cartoon back then of Reagan wagging his finger at House Speaker Tip O'Neil, saying "tax, tax, spend, spend" while O'Neil was wagging his finger back at Reagan, saying "borrow, borrow, spend, spend".

Anonymous said...

Lord Master Reagan hated big government so much,....why he doubled it in size and ran up a huge debt.

I like the guy as a person....but as a president...he screwed the nation and didn't follow the charter either.

Informed42 said...

Well, here goes a rant for today, and I think it’s definitely justified after the despicable, juvenile, rude behavior displayed
by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nutty Nancy Pelousy, and the entire group of egotistical miscreants of this administration
that failed to attend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress. What a glaring display of intellectual
and undignified moral bankruptcy !! And Nutty Nancy Pelousy’s comments to the affect that Prime Minister Netanyahu
‘insulted U.S. intelligence’ , is a very lame attempt by an Obama idolater to be insulting. Of course, she’s pretty lame in
about every way possible anyway, so it’s nothing new for her.

Well Nancy, you are really so far out in left field, that you wouldn’t know an ‘insult to U.S. intelligence’, if it was sitting
next to you, which it most definitely is, when you’re there. The biggest ‘insult to U.S. intelligence’ has been rendered by
none other than Barack Obama, his minions in the Democratic Party, all his Czars and appointees that comprise the
current administration of over-reaching traitors and criminals. Those and the half of the U.S. population that put him
and them in office, not once, but twice !! That half of the population is so blatantly intellectually impoverished that they
haven’t even figured out yet, that they’ve been enslaved by a runaway, corrupt government. Bought and paid for with many
‘freebies’ commonly called ‘entitlements’ , that they neither worked for or contributed anything to pay for them. You and they are all the epitome of insults to the half of the American people that don’t illogically accept his egotistical, egocentric self, and the tyrannical administration that bows and scrapes at every word he reads from a teleprompter or script.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is a very courageous leader, and his address to the members of Congress today, was a
straight to the points advance warning to the United States, its people, and every other country, about what can be expected if
the United States goes through with its current plans concerning Iran and any agreement with them. He knows what he is
talking about. Obama and his entire administration of incompetents, are so delusional and egocentric that they feel they know everything, but it isn’t true. And if the advance warning that has been given isn’t heeded and followed, there will be
bigger problems than there ever have before since the world wars.

The Oxford Dictionary Of Current English- Revised Edition 1998- contains the following definitions:

statesman/woman- distinguished and capable politician or diplomat (My Note- Prime Minister Netanyahu- No members of
the current U.S. government can allege to be ‘capable’ of anything but talking and lining their own

politician- 1. person involved in politics- 2. person who maneuvers; schemer ; time server – ( My Note- #2 is our current
government administration and President) (My Note- ‘schemer’ seems to best describe our politicians. Also note that there
is NO inclusion of ‘politician’ under ‘diplomat’ )

diplomat- 1. member of a diplomatic service 2. tactful person (My Note- #2. Prime Minister Netanyahu)

If I knew how to do it, which I don’t, and there was an easy way to do it, which there apparently isn’t, I’d send a copy of
this to every member of Congress, the Supreme Court, every state Legislature, every government watchdog group, and
every media outlet that isn’t part of The Lame Stream Media that’s controlled by government and the wealthy elites.

And if I was involved with ‘social media’ , which I’m not, I’d send it out and hope it would go ‘viral’ , as the expression
is I believe.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons why Obama skipped the speech was to act as if he never heard any of it when questioned by reporters. Netanyahu laid out a concise, well reasoned speech on why Isreal HAS TO OPPOSE allowing Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Any reasonable person who heard it has to conclude the same thing.

The Prime Minister is a great communicator, and really puts Obama to shame when sharing the spot light. The difference is very obvious and Obama and the Left knows it.