Friday, March 13, 2015

Everything Dudley Brown touches turns to fund-raising shillery and excrement.

Fritsch is the founding director of Mississippi Gun Rights, created in October according to Secretary of State records. The group is affiliated with Colorado-based National Association of Gun Rights, a group that bills itself as a more conservative alternative to the National Rifle Association.
Gipson led the charge on gun law changes in 2013 that clarified Mississippians have the right to openly carry firearms without a permit, and for clarifying concealed carry laws to provide more protection for holders. He's been criticized by anti-gun groups, but this is the first he's faced from a pro-gun organization.
"I think this is just a fundraising group — a shield, a sham, a ruse," Gipson said. "They're doing what they've done in other states, going after the most conservative, pro-gun rights people … I've made up my mind I'm not going to take their crap."


Carl Stevenson said...

I've never seen anything but money grubbing from Dudley/NAGR.
I've tried over and over to get unsubscribed from their spam list, but the crap just keeps coming.
If you're not on their spam lists, be thankful and avoid them like the plague.

Publicola said...

I don't know MGR, but I do know RMGO - Brown's Colorado gunowner group.RMGO has been fighting for a Constitutional or permit-less carry bill for ages, and the main opposition has been NRA affiliated groups & instructors. Yes, Brown is an ardent fund raiser, but at least here he runs the only actual pro-gunowner group around.

The article doesn't make me feel sympathy for the politicians. Having an NRA "A" rating doesn't make someone pro-gunowner, and some of the stuff the politicians said in their defense sounded questionable.

A lot of gun owners want to go so far, but no further, hence the hassle in getting Constitutional carry passed in all but a handful of states. It could be that these folks are sincere and just got bogged down in the procedural stuff & this fellow Frisch thought it a betrayal. Or it could be that these politicians don't want to go beyond 70%/80% support of the Right to own & carry weapons & grimace at being called on it. The article just doesn't provide enough detail to know for sure either way, but as a default I tend to think politicians aren't being honest without a bayonet at their back.

Anonymous said...

I'm still receiving "oh noes da sky is falling, send money help save us" emails from him. Which I promptly delete.

B Woodman

Jhn1 said...

I joined, once, and they promptly spent my membership money mailing more pleas for even more money to do some good.
I felt the initial membership funds were wasted on the mailings to me (at least two a month)