Sunday, March 15, 2015

Don't panic, but common sense is breaking out all over in Sanford, FL

Sanford airport police hold gun rather than arrest armed passenger stopped by TSA. Cops return passenger's weapon after he comes back from trip


Anonymous said...

When Holder's DOJ gets finished with them, they will have no job and no prospects of getting another job.

mostly cajun said...

TSA tagged me for a knife in my carry-on luggage at the local airport. They called the deputy sheriff who backs them up. He put the knife in an envelope, stuck it in his desk drawer, and told me to ask for it when I got back.

I got my knife back.


Anonymous said...

Huh. Could this signal a possible return of common sense? Not going to hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Here in New York they would have shut down the airport, SWAT'd the entire terminal and sent someone down to cargo area to shoot a dog for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Just stop infringing and leave people to carry their arms as they see fit -

I'd feel quite comfortable on a aircraft along with a hundred other armed people. I have yet to feel safe on a airplane full of disarmed people.

Anonymous said...

Im still waiting on what they are going to do about an electronic defense device my daughter accidentally brought in her purse that got caught by TSA

its been over a moth without one word from them

im thinking that if they all of a sudden decide to push the issue

im going to ask the county atty to produce the 1040 for this case

just to be sure hes playing legal with the IRS on every fine and case he gets paid for is declared on his income taxes to play their games

im sure he wouldnt want the last 7 years of his income looked into by the IRS now would he?