Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Bow Tie lashes back -- at the wrong guy. David Codrea's "Regrettable Announcement." He's no longer with JPFO thanks to Gottlieb's control freakism.

"Alan confirmed that was the reason for the piece being banned."
My Bama Carry piece is a chronicle of a legitimate event with valid information for the people who read my stuff -- and who turn to KABA for reliable information as well. It is not a "Gottlieb is a so-and-so" attack piece. Besides, KABA is not supposed to be a personal site. It is a site that purports to bring newsworthy and noteworthy information to gun owners. That information is being suppressed due to a personal directive turns it into a personal site for the top guy, and if the Vanderboegh blackout is in force at that SAF holding, it is in force at all SAF holdings. It also renders other topics and ideas vulnerable to directive-based censorship.
It's clear those are his sites and his rules. And he would rather maintain that control than to have my continued participation and support. That is all within his rights.
Writing under such imposed censorship is not acceptable to me, nor is it consistent with my stated conditions for affiliating with the new JPFO. That is within my rights.
Thus we see the measure of Gottlieb's ego. This will severely impact David's income stream to the tune of several hundred dollars per month. If you wish to support him in his principled stand, then please send out links on your email lists and frequently visited sites to his Examiner column. He gets paid by the link at Examiner (pitiful recompense that it is) and it won't make up the difference, but it would be something. It is a damned shame that a guy like David, who has broken so many original stories, cannot get picked up by some other outlet.


Anonymous said...

Funny how the wheat is being separated from the chaff!

Alan Gottlieb is worthless and all the money in the world will never bring any value to the man!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who actively defends the Second Amendment would be proud to have Mr. Codrea contributing to their site or organization. He is an intelligent, articulate, widely read voice for freedom, and always has been.

Gottleib is going to replace Mr. Codrea's articles with exactly what? More ineffective pleas for money? Gottleib is incapable of producing research and educated assessments of the type he has just lost.

I am glad that I can read Mr. Codrea's articles elsewhere. Gottleib has just proved himself a bigger fool than I thought him capable of being.

Anonymous said...

It is just a pitty these things occur because of ego.

If half the energy and resources expended was directed against the anti-gunners the battle would be well on the way to over!


CB said...

To ferret out;
early 15c., "hunt with a ferret," from ferret (n.) or from Old French verb fureter, in reference to the use of half-tame ferrets to kill rats and flush rabbits from burrows. The extended sense of "search out, discover," especially by perseverence and cunning, usually with out (adv.), is from 1570s. Related: Ferreted; ferreting.
-Online Etymology Dictionary

David has done a great service for us.
Of course, David in no way resembles a ferret.

Anonymous said...

I have been unable to comment on David's site for some time. Since the day that The Examiner started requiring a Facebook login in fact. But I know that Dutchman 6 keeps in contact with him and that he frequents this site. I'm pretty sure that there are many who frequent SSI who would not be able to help support David's efforts financially. I am also sure there are some, perhaps many, who could. What I am going to advise David to do is firstly, set up a PayPal account for those who would prefer to contribute that way and/or secondly publish a P.O. Box that others could use to send anonymous contributions.

Frankly, we could do better than just support his efforts via clicks on his Examiner site if only we had the means to do so.

PO'd American said...

Alan Gottlieb is worthless and all the money in the world will never bring any value to the man!

"Nor will his bow tie!"

Anonymous said...

None of those sites deserve his writing, no matter how much he was being paid. Better for him to leave those who are selling our rights one by one (for $$, power and ego) and preserve his reputation.


Anonymous said...

Codrea has always been great and I trust him 100 percent! I wish he would accept donations on his blog. I hate that he lost a lot of money over this, but I am not surprised that the same guy who endorsed the Bloomberg and Obama gun control bill wanted to censor Codrea.

Joe said...


Spinning Bowtie from Gottlieb's personal collection.

Sean said...

I walked away from JPFO, although a life member, when Gottlieb took over, because I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. Well, there it is. I'm a member of GOA now as well. How much damage will Gottlieb do to our side, before the little Charmin grocer packs it in? Hey Alan! Whipple much?

Allen said...

I went over there and the post has "name redacted". I created a login specifically to post mikes name. I'll probably be banned. don't care.

Allen said...

funny how david's post with the "name redacted" is even gone now.

wow, that gottlieb has some hate on for you mike, don't he?