Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Criminal Violence as Political Theater: Standard Operating Procedure for the FBI

"The Fixer." Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis.
“I’m the department’s `cleaner,’” Margolis explained to an incoming Attorney General, according to a profile in the National Law Journal. “I clean up messes.” During a career spanning a half-century and nine presidents, Margolis has tidied up the Regime’s bloody business from the Pine Ridge Reservation to Gitmo. He is precisely the kind of official who would see nothing unusual, let alone reprehensible, about federal agents providing machine guns to criminal gangs, or torturing a man to death in an Oklahoma prison cell in order to cover up federal complicity in domestic terrorism.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a prime 'nabob'.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but congrats on the recognition for your reporting efforts from GOA:


OPERATION FAST & FURIOUS. While bloggers David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh were the initial reporters to blow the lid on this scandal, GOA was the first national, pro-gun organization to bring it to the public’s attention. In fact, GOA acted fast and most furiously in opposing ATF's illegal gun-running program. Ultimately, Fast & Furious was dismantled, and its name has become a curse word, continuing to indict the illegality and incompetence of ATF.

John Block said...

Are you referring to Clayton Lockett?
What's the domestic terror connection? Not familiar with it.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court Rules that Feds can Make Up Bullshit & Not Tell you


Anonymous said...

How the hell can these people even look into a mirror. My conscience wouldn't allow me a nights sleep ever again doing what they do. Maybe that's my problem, I still have a conscience

Anonymous said...

If you still are governed by a conscience, the left thinks you are a wimp. In the lefts world, having a conscience is a sign of weakness. In their world, the end justifies ANY means. Check your conscience, and your soul, at the door.

All these soul-less, leftist bastards are definitely going to burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Now we finally see a True Domestic Terrorist