Monday, March 16, 2015

Climate change hypocrisy ignores environmental impact of illegal immigration

Those who would impose this on the rest of us permanently have no answers and aren't interested in finding them, providing one more proof that all the climate noise they’re making is yet another deception to mask and advance a different agenda.


Anonymous said...

The whole environmental movement is a communist "three card monty" or "slight of hand" card trick. There was a British communist over one hundred wars ago who first suggested that they needed a "world wide crisis" to hide the advance communism behind.

His idea was an environmental crisis. That, combined with being absolutely relentless in their drive, is what they have built today.

Now Gore wants to "punish climate change deniers". Good Grief! And that bastard in is my home state preaching this crap!

Would somebody please tell me why this money and power hungry shithead is still consuming oxygen in an unfettered manner?

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Informed42 said...

If you want the truth about all of the 'Global Warming', 'Climate Change' bull shit, check out the video 'U.N. Friendly Fire' that was produced in 1996 by Stewart Best and featured Michael Coffman, Ph.D.. You can get the video now on a DVD from Best Videos in Wisconsin.

Dr. Coffman lays out the U.N. and elitists plans for the elimination of 'Private Property Ownership' by using the 'created crisis' of 'Global Warming/Climate Change'. It's all bull shit so land can be grabbed through legislation like 'The Wetland Act' and other phony pretexts like 'protecting the prairie dogs' or 'snails' or some other dreamed up crap.

After you see that video, there was another one produced by WAGTV4 in London, England in 2007.
It's titled, 'The Great Global Warming Swindle', and reinforces what Dr. Coffman first revealed in 1996. The producer of this video got a lot of flack in emails wanting him to 'remove it from the market'. His response was great !! His reply, 'Are you people on drugs ?'

WAGTV 4 made an exception for me
and accepted US currency I sent them for a copy of their DVD. That was the only way I could pay them for it because the U.K. and other countries don't accept U.S. Postal Service Money Orders and I don't use credit cards or personal checks.

This video reveals the farce that's the U.N.'s IPCC and the lack of real credentials of the people on it. One man had to threaten the U.N. with a lawsuit to get them to stop using and remove his name from their list of 'contributors' of information because he never gave them an o.k. to name him.

Another point to consider and digest is this; look around you at your National and State Parks, and see how many of them have signs posted designating them as,
'United Nations Biosphere Reserve
Areas'. By this designation, you,
the American public, are DENIED access to these areas, supposedly so they can 'go back to their natural growth'. What isn't said, is that as U.N. property, they can be used as, 'Staging Bases' by U.N. Forces.

By the way, the term, 'conspiracy theorists' was another one dreamed up by the same people that came up with, 'Global Warming'.