Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bosworth Arrest: Federal Judge Could be Charged Under the Law

After the 25 February arrest of Anthony Bosworth from Liberty for All in front of the federal courthouse in Spokane, WA for carrying an unloaded and legal rifle, federal authorities realized that the law was not on their side. The law clearly stated that the property was not included in the firearms ban, and as a result they had to release Bosworth. Obama-appointed federal judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson decided after the fact that she would simply impose her personal will on the people, and so last week she signed an order extending the ban to all the property as well. As a result, LFA went back to the scene of the illegal arrest and stood on the same ground while armed with firearms that, this time, were loaded. While many complained on social media that the rabble-rousers of LFA had once again “ruined it for everyone else” with their stand, the truth is that Judge Peterson was not only out of line in her decision, she was absolutely against the law.


Anonymous said...

Every *judge* who issues unconstitutional rulings should be removed from the bench and prosecuted. They aren't anyone SPECIAL - the wearing of a black dress does not make you above others. Nor does sitting on a bench at a higher elevation from the others in the room make you ABOVE THE LAW!!!! The LAW is the LAW and there are NO EXCEPTIONS due to some political position one holds.

Anonymous said...

Could she be charged, yes. Will she be charged, no. She's one of the ruling classes and as such is above us peasants.

Anonymous said...

The judge should be charged. I know where some rope is just in case.

PO'd American said...

Start a write in campaign to your elected officials in Washington to start impeachment. She can be and should be removed and charged.

My letters go out today.

Anonymous said...

This judge will be arrested shortly after Eric Holder is impeached.

I'd advise you not to hold your breath while waiting.

Anonymous said...

Pickets outside of where she lives can do wonders too!

Anonymous said...

The only way one could possibly bring a Fed judge up on charges would be for the highest elected office of the county, in this case Spokane Sheriff Ozzie D. Knezovich to arrest her. What are the chances? If it was done one time, and publicized, we'd start to see some real change in the rulings from the bench.


Anonymous said...

Eliminate prosecutorial discretion (restoring equal rights on the due process front) and stripping qualified immunity (this eliminating title of nobility) SOLVES the roadblock that exists between this criminal code and it's enforcement upon "officials".

Both criminal code AND civil code exists on this point - but it is rendered moot when those it SPECIFICALLY TARGETS -LEO at all levels- are made immune by these contrived tools.

Just like the Second Amendment itself, words on parchment are just words on parchment unless people stand up and enforce them.

Why weren't those folks arrested the second go round? Why is Anthony charged only as he is (which will end up being dropped entirely I'm bettin)? BECAUSE then he and others clear the STANDING HURDLE and can bring both this AND the civil counterpart as DEFENSES. And that right there is HOW those contrived tools are dismantled.

The JBTs only other choice is to stand down the intimidation attempts - or iow, leave people alone to exercise their rights in peace.

The law is actually on our side folks - whether FUDDS want too see that is another story.

I still take issue with one point though. We should agree to comply with JUST law-like what is pointed out here. On the fine hairsplitting point, we will comply but we will not concede. We hold the constitutional line - and will not back up even one more inch.

Anonymous said...

The State of Washington requires many of their elected officials, including County Sheriffs, to swear an oath of office. In that oath they swear to protect the Constitutions of the United States of America and of the State of Washington. In addition, quoting from the Spokane County Sheriff's Department's policy manual:

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is an organization whose very existence is justified solely
on the basis of service to the community. Although Sheriff's Office policies provide employees a
working pattern, their official activity must not be confined to the limited orbit described by them.
Actually, dealing with criminals is a minor part of our overall responsibility. A greater percentage of
time and energy is expended on non-criminal functions and in dealing with the law abiding citizens
of the community. We should consider it our duty and privilege, not only to protect citizens from
criminals, but also to protect and defend the rights guaranteed under our structure of government.
It may be said that matters of civil law are not a basic police responsibility and within reasonable
limits, we should avoid becoming entangled in them. However, many situations can best be
served only when we assist in such matters. Our broad philosophy must embrace a whole-hearted
determination to protect and support individual rights while at all times providing for the security
of persons and property in the community. In meeting this objective, it is our duty to operate as
a public service organization.

Well, Sheriff? The civil rights of one of your citizens has been violated by a federal judge. It's time to fish or cut bait!