Monday, March 2, 2015

Bob Owens grumbles about Open Carry -- Again.

Open Carry Rorschach Test In Houston


CB said...

Quoting Little Bobby:
"Open carry walks such as these are clearly designed to elicit calls from citizens to police to provoke a confrontation"

Bob Owens is a bed wetter.

This video shows a decent citizen attempting to exercise his Constitutional rights and educate the general public on Constitutional Carry.
Also, it shows a decent police officer, who seems to be on the side of Open Carry, trying to maintain his paycheck. There are a lot of people in the U.S. just like these two men.

The District Attorney judged rightly that no crime had been committed. Unlike it was in Nazi Germany, here in the United States, there is no law requiring I.D. for a person walking down a public sidewalk. The man was within his Constitutional Rights on both counts.

Bed Wetters need to be better educated on Constitutional Rights.

Anonymous said...

The "winning grudging tolerance" thing happened when the bill of rights was ratified. What open carriers seek is adherence to that victory...kinda like how people can just write whatever hogwash they want and put it to press without being hassled by the pOlice.

Even in leaving it at a question, it's another BOTCHED piece because fundamental inalienable rights aren't open to approval/disapproval of the masses (straight democracy). Indeed, they were enumerated partly to protect them from exactly that!

Mr Owens- what if your right to speak, to press, was open to the democratic vote, to popular opinion? What if people could just vote to shush your ability to speak your piece because they found your content objectionable to their own sensibilities? What is it about folks of your caliber with the seemingly intentional blind spot on that parallel?

Anonymous said...

So it's OK to exercise Constitutional Rights - but just hide so no one sees while doing it?

Rhetorical question!

The phrase 'Pussy Whipped' springs to mind ...


Anonymous said...

Quoting from the article: "Open carry walks such as these are clearly designed to elicit calls from citizens to police to provoke a confrontation, but do you see this as something helping or hindering the spreading of gun rights?"

Compare and contrast to: "Do you see sitting in the front of the bus as something helping or hindering the spreading of civil rights to citizens of all races?"


Anonymous said...

Some time back there was a "60 Minutes" bit about NYC authorities' surprise at finding out it was legal for a homeless NYC woman to defecate in public on the sidewalk. Of course they soon made it illegal for her or anyone else to do so but prior to them patching the "loophole" as Mayor Bedbug and others term things like this was it a good idea for her to continue pooping in public just because she could? Obviously she was upsetting a lot of ordinary NYC residents by doing so but her actions were perfectly legal.

On a similar note when the gay rights group "Act Up" was raising Cain about something or other they would make it a habit to have at least one couple passionately making out in the supermarket deli line in my neighborhood. Again, perfectly legal behavior that some of the people nearby found to be very upsetting.

Now I'm not going to defend pooping on the sidewalk in public or swapping spit at the deli. But there comes a time when one should weigh the pros and cons of public behavior that offends folks. Does it advance or harm the cause you're trying to support?

Hell, I'd be willing to bet a lot of ordinary folks were really upset by Rosa Parks insisting she has as much or more right to a seat on the bus as the white man who demanded she give it up.

Clausewitz, Sun Tzu and Napoleon all made the point that an essential part of victory was picking and prepping the battlefield with the goal to avoid putting yourself on "fatal terrain". The open carry folks need to keep that in mind.

HappyClinger said...

Was going to leave a comment on his article about misspelling the word "led" as "lead," but I'm not on Facebook. So Bob if you read this, please know that spelling errors don't help your cause any. Whatever that cause may be.

Phelps said...

I've had enough of Bob Owens. He's gone full Fudd.

"We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to believe that Mr. Owens has some form of schizophrenia since a few days ago he was condemning Constitutional Carry and routinely condemns any form of open carry but today he's celebrating the spread of Constitutional Carry.

John Stark said...

Anonymouse stated, "Clausewitz, Sun Tzu and Napoleon all made the point that an essential part of victory was picking and prepping the battlefield with the goal to avoid putting yourself on "fatal terrain". The open carry folks need to keep that in mind."

So walking the streets of so-called "Free America" is now "fatal terrain?"

Its a free country, not wholly under the thumb of the nanny police state, at least for now.

The day the streets of any given American town or municipality are to be considered "fatal terrain" for a law-abiding American citizen to walk upon in full daylight, is the day those same streets should run red with the blood of tyrants and usurpers.

The self-absorbed concern trolls masquerading as so-called "patriots" and "supporters" of our God-given Rights should keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Owens attempts to disparage open-carry "activists" by pointing out that these displays alarm people and so have caused rule changes like banning open-carry in CA. What Owens failed to point out is that the banning of open-carry in CA is exactly what led to the decision in Peruta that now allows those folks to apply for and receive their CCW permits. Sounds like a win to me.

Anonymous said...

Bob sold out the day he started taking money to say what his masters wanted!

Anonymous said...

Owens forgets that Constitutional Carry does not result in hordes of folks sporting Desert Eagles, .45s, and everything else he expects. Here, in the very small land of the free, with no permits at all, most people carry concealed. The best part is the bad guys never know who is packing, hence our lowest crime rate in the union.

Owens is a sellout and does a disservice to his readers.

Carl Stevenson said...

Owens is a bed wetting copsucker. I stopped giving him any credence when he cheered the Wacoing of Chris Dorner. He actually opined that summary execution by burning the house down around Dorner was totally appropriate, and he blocked me from further comments on his blog when I called him out on it.
Seems that Owens is just another member of the loyal opposition (to our rights).

Jack Crabb said...

I used to read Bob Owens but now all he seems to be is a vocal open carry foe and copsucker.

I see I'm not the only one to draw that conclusion.