Monday, March 2, 2015

Anti-gunners memorialize criminals while trying to disarm law-abiding

“Even felons have a right to life and nothing justifies their murders,” GRNC elaborated. “But the fact that a criminal lifestyle is hazardous and not conducive to longevity has nothing to do with Second Amendment rights. Bloomberg and NCGV's attempts to use the danger inherent to criminal behavior as a rationale to attack the rights of law-abiding North Carolinians is misleading and outrageous.”


Anonymous said...

As the late Leonard Nimoy would say, "fascinating".

States execute the most vile predators by judicial execution. They have no right to life, just for being.

Yet the same people are often the ones applauding the murder of the truly defenseless, the unborn.

Logic that a Vulcan might understand, but not me.

Paul X said...

"Even felons have a right to life"

Hey, I can go along with that. The implication of a right to life, is a right to defend that life. Which means, no more government getting to decide who is worthy of being armed, and who is not.