Friday, February 13, 2015

When does the ideology of a killer matter?

Three Muslims have been murdered by a white atheist — ostensibly over a parking dispute. The shooter, if his Facebook page is to be believed, was what one might term an “anti-theist progressive.” Among the public figures he admired were Rachel Maddow, Bill Nye the engineer, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Among the groups with which he identified were the Southern Poverty Law center, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the Huffington Post. Among those people he disliked were political conservatives, the devoutly religious, and fans of country music. This was not a man, let’s say, who is likely to have been friends with Ted Nugent.


Anonymous said...

...and the leftists lamented, "dang! how are we going to wrap this guy around the GOP's neck?"

Carl Stevenson said...

"Bill Nye the engineer"???
Come on Mike. I was an engineer. I designed stuff.
Nye is the "Mr. Rogers" of science wannabes. A leftist shill for all sorts of leftist causes.

Anonymous said...

The detailed motivation(s) of this killer is of keen interest. Sadly, we have jackasses galore saying what they don't know about the guy to push an agenda, which is pretty typical.

Normally, this would be idiotic noise, but it helps foster an assumption from the Muslim world which will see this as an execution of 3 Muslims, period. Maybe even a retaliation for the Paris attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

What is next? This may not be too pretty going forward.