Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Child demanding entrance to gallery captivates ‘Freedom Knocks’ activists

“Out of nowhere ... Faith walked up to the door on her own,” activist and event organize Kit Lange recalled on The Patrick Henry Society blog. “As her tiny fist pounded at the bottom of the door, her young voice rang out in the quiet hallway.


Sedition said...

Faith, knocking on the door and calling out that "Freedom was knocking" did more damage to those doors than a SWAT team's battering rams and all of their flash-bang grenades.
A potentially defining moment in our history IMHO.

Anonymous said...

These peaceful people, of all ages, exercising their natural and Constitutional rights, are the ones being demonized by the collectivists and their big media lackeys as "extremists".

Doesn't really seem fair. Even the State Patrol officers seemed friendly and respectful. They would be the first to show agitation if they perceived any kind of threat.

It seems that the protesters have been characterized incorrectly...