Friday, January 11, 2013

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

White House gun plan: An end run around the NRA
It’s an unusual strategy but one the Obama administration has used before: projecting strength on an issue by trying to create the perception that the White House is riding a wave of momentum from the American people. . .
Biden on Thursday told the NRA and five other gun-owner groups that they would be wise to join the White House effort to combat gun violence and avoid public wrath, said Feldman, a former lobbyist for gun manufacturers who now favors some middle ground, such as requiring background checks for weapons purchased at gun shows.
“He was really pushing us all to get with his program. He said that the public wants something done,” Feldman said. “His argument was all these other groups he’s met with, the Pentacostals and evangelicals and others, all of a sudden there is a different attitude. The implication is they are more amenable now with going along, and so should you.” . . .
The NRA issued a blistering statement condemning the meeting as evidence of the White House “agenda to attack the Second Amendment.” Feldman said he was the only gun group representative in the room to back universal background checks — and no one who participated supported new magazine or assault-weapons restrictions.


Anonymous said...

The public is not "More Amenable" You lying sack of Crap Biden! Joe Biden is a practitioner of Josef Goebbels "Big lie". Yep Joe,that's why the public in droves is buying Firearms and Ammo in droves.

NRA and the other groups DON"T Cave", they are going to find out how "Amenable" the public is when they try to get our Firearms!

Paul X said...

"Feldman said he was the only gun group representative in the room to back universal background checks..."

So Feldman's "Independent Firearm Owner's Association" are even bigger bootlickers than NRA? That's one group I'll never join. Where did they find this group anyway? I never heard of them.

The article was a pile of propaganda, but the comments are running pretty good our way.

Anonymous said...

The public is not buying every single gun, cartrige, bullet and primer available just to allow them to be registered or confiscated. The public means to fight.

Edwin III

LordChamp said...

What this was all about was trying to get someone to break with him. That's why they were all separated in the "special" groups. He can tell on group that the other group supported them without being questioned.

Divide and conquer.

Yank lll said...

Joe HairPlug is a lying sack of shit.. talk about a refugee from natural selection, the only thing that saved him politically is that the white house pimp needed a token white guy.

The NRA sold out America years ago and remember that the domestic enemy decided that they represent gun owners, not gun owners.. that should tell you something.

yank lll

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake about it, the 4M+ members of the NRA can be a potent political force. But if Joe Biden thinks he can make this all go away by reaching some kind of back room agreement with the NRA then he is a fool.

The events of 1775 and 1776 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were not deliberately started by the Continental Congress or the King's officers. Those events quickly spun out of the control of the powers on either side.

Joe Biden's negotiations with Wayne LaPierre might be able to start the shooting, but neither will be able to stop it.