Friday, January 11, 2013

Ben Shapiro on why civilians need military style assault weapons: "For the prospective possibility of resistance to tyranny"

"You come in, you brandish your little book..."
"You have deliberately tried to frame this as a left-wing attack on the American Constitution and the Second Amendment," said Morgan, objecting to his guests perspective. "You come in, you brandish your little book..."
"My little book? That's the Constitution of the United States, our founding document," Shapiro exclaimed.
"I know what's in your Constitution," insisted the host.
"Do you really?" asked the conservative political commentator who turns 29 on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I've been pondering that video ever since I watched it. One thing that stands out for me is Morgan's disbelief that a government could turn tyrannical. After thinking about it, I decided that other than a few idiosyncratic differences in spelling, the key difference between the American mindset and the British mind is the willingness to admit that a government can become tyrannical. In the USA, we have lived through throwing off a tyrannical government, and well understand that it could happen again. Brit's prefer the ostrich's head-in-sand approach, preferring not to think the unthinkable.

Trinity said...

Although young Ben conceded the term of "assault weapons" to the haughty talking asshole, Piers Morgan, he did it primarily to drive home the real reason for civilians to own them -- in defense of government tyranny, not for hunting Bambi. Also, he quite admirably defended the Constitution which Morgan and the collectivists on the left not only marginalize, but are acting hard to nullify. He very calmly and effectively pointed out the hypocrisy of the left as exemplified by their pushing for an assault weapon ban even though very, very few murders are caused by someone using such a rifle.

Overall, very calmly, proficiently and in a grand manner, Ben literally owned the putz Morgan. He had Morgan sputtering and invoking the names of others (i.e., Kelly and Giffords) to somehow support the validity of his inherently flawed position. He was very effective in pointing out the high death rates of children in the ghettos -- primarily the shining progressive shrine of Chicago -- which the progressives work hard to sweep under the rug while "standing on the graves of the children of Newtown" to bully the public toward supporting their agenda.

We need more spokesmen like young Shapiro as he doesn't come across as a hot head but uses real facts and logic to destroy his opposition. I would imagine that his presentation in destroying the asshat got some of Morgan's relatively small audience to think about the the logic of the current debate about guns -- and all chinks, no matter how small or large, in the holier-than-thou armor of the collectivists should be applauded.

Anonymous said...

quote:"Morgan's disbelief that a government could turn tyrannical."unquote

ummm..let's see..

Dr. Mr. Don't Have a Clue Morgan,
What part of:
1.Passage of the repellent NDAA. Check
2. Passage of the loathsome Patriot Act. Check
3. Guantanmo. Check
4. Sadistic and barbarous Torture and Renditions of hundreds of human beings..still being used. Check
5. World wide murder of hundreds of innocent women and children via the depraved Drone program, which the government uses to elect Obomba, but refutes when sued by ACLU. Check
6. The iniquitous prosecution of moral Whistleblower's, of which Obuttfuck has prosecuted 6 times as many as all prior Potus's combined. CHECK
7. The inception of the pseudo Nazi Department of "Homeland" Security and all it's component human groping agents like TSA, of which it's wretched parent has just purchased 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammo to murder any and all citizens it so deems. CHECK

8. The perverted post election promise broke declaration of the need to "look forward, not backward" which spares all prior degenerate Bush administration AND current War Criminals from prosecution. CHECK
9. The sickening pillage of the Amerikan and world wide economy's by the filthy THEIVES-R-US Banker's Cartel who then proceeds to kick MainStreet in the teeth via the horrid TARP, whereby the Bankers are asslicked with Trillions by our Congress and the the Taxpayer get's the benefit of being raped. CHECK

10. And now we have the mother of tyranny. Our good ole King and Messia Obomination has declared he can murder YOU, any time, anywhere, for whatever reason his baseball card picking team and himself deem,...of course, this is now all legal per Eric the schmuck Holder's ..ahem.."secret" memo..which now deems MURDER as yer so called ..ahem.."due process". CHECK
If calling a horse a horse becomes a crime, I'm a fucking NUMERO UNO CANDIDATE for prosecution. Fuck you.
This shit redefines TOTALATARINISM- R-US times infinity. I mean, this makes King GeorgeIII look like your fairy godmother.

.....didn't you understand??????????

YOUR PAL...not.

In what Parallel Universe has this one neuron between his ears fucking imbecile been living? bad..hehehe takes at least TWO neurons to make an imbecile. My apology to the imbeciles of the world, of which 90% are US citizens...who,...

#11. redefining the word "scared", are now being inundated with Red Flag op's and USG lies designed to tear away your moral resistance to tyranny by persuading you it's in your best interests to voluntarily hand over, the very instrument you have at your command with which you stay human AND alive. In the case you should decide not to comply, consider yourself a "terrorist" by virtue of the NDAA, which now allows all those so called "rights" to be tossed out the window, whereby you will be awarded, care of the Men in Black, an all expenses paid trip to hell. To those who choose a "safe" tyranny over liberty, EAT ME.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have punched Piers in the mouth at the "your little book" comment.

Snide little fucker.

dakotas5 said...

"I've been pondering that video ever since I watched it. One thing that stands out for me is Morgan's disbelief that a government could turn tyrannical."
The reason Purse Mouthgun doesn't believe it can turn is because he knows it already has.

Liberty or Death said...

another angle we need to begin using is the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers. These go to show the hows and whys of our Constitution. I have used this to great effect when in discussion with liberals. Give them the reason this Ducument came to be and the thought processes behind it from all sides and it becomes more than writing on paper to them (well, velum, but you know).

Anonymous said...

Wasting time and effort casting pearls before swine talking to that euro mutt when he has better things to do.. Quislings will get their just deserts eventually.

Anonymous said...

"Morgan's disbelief that a government could turn tyrannical."

I wonder if Morgan has ever heard of Oliver Cromwell?