Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More Preposterous Collectivist Group Think at the Daily Kos' Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment Page.

A Conversation with Professor Ann Little About the Newtown Massacre, Guns, and White Masculinity
As I explored in a series of posts at We Are Respectable Negroes, Alternet, and here on the Daily Kos, the central question regarding the Gun Right is how these mass shootings do not lead to any serious exploration of the intersection(s) of Whiteness, White Masculinity, and mass gun violence. White men commit an overwhelming amount of the mass shootings in the United States. Yet, except for a few outliers, there is no sustained effort to engage the obvious puzzle: if white men are killing people, often by the dozens--in murders where they are the offenders at twice their rate in the general population--why are so many in the news media afraid and hostile to basic questions about "white crime?"
How then does she explain the fact that most of the firearm murders are black-on-black and that upwards of 80 percent of those victims are criminals?


Anonymous said...

It actually has been mentioned. An even better question, however, is why the same media and leftist academia that has covered the CT shooting with so much gusto has completely ignored the thousands of civilians Obama has murdered with drone strikes?

If violence against children is horrible and something must be done to stop it, why do these same people cheerlead the man who assassinated a 16 year old US citizen with a drone strike? Or who knows how many thousands of other kids? One drone strike in Pakistan alone murdered over sixty children.

Let me ask the radical black marxist this: is murdering children ok as long as they are muslim?

Trinity said...

Man, what an exemplary case study in mental masturbation...

pdxr13 said...

An Amendment to the US Constitution is what it will take to lawfully disarm the American people, given honest judges. Of course, it is almost impossible to get an Amendment passed without trickery, and folks still wouldn't turn them in (The paper is merely a list of God-given rights which cannot be repealed, however they are infringed on Earth), but that's how 20,000+ gun laws would become Constitutional.

Rick said...

There are no facts in their arguments, just feelings. They don't have to use facts. They don't like guns and that is all that matters to them. Her mommy told her she was a princess so she is, so that's that. If you haven't figured out these liberal bastards yet quit trying. It's like trying to figure out women. You can't. Liberals all think like women..."I think I'm gonna cry..."
I recently sat at a Christmas party for my wife's union, a Northern California School District, and had to listen to this total pussy liberal explain how he "Just fell in Love with the kids." Really? Fell in Love? I had to leave after three minutes of this dweeb or I would of just throttled him on the spot for being such a poor example of a male.
Don't try to figure these people out. Just imagine a time in the near future when they won't be around you any more because their utopian dreams just didn't quite work out with all those inner city youths.

Anonymous said...

Must be hard trying to interact with human beings, huh, Rick? You sound like the kind of person who should avoid having children. But I bet you're a GREAT "example of a male," eh? Do you run around spraying your scent on every tree? You clearly don't realize how laughable you sound.