Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: Call them 'regime change rifles'

I like it.


Ed said...

Call them all rifles or long arms, and be done with it. The 2nd Amendment does not differentiate or discriminate among the various types of arms and neither should we. The regulation of interstate commerce concerns of Congress do not override do not override the citizens' rights defined by the Constitution and it's Amendments. Now doesn't that sound reasonable and common sense?

Some still cannot grasp that you are more likely to be clubbed to death by a blunt instrument than shot to death by a rifle as demonstrated by FBI crime statistics. Logically, we should see a call to ban golf clubs, baseball bats, hammers and rocks mounted on the end of sticks as more likely killing devices than rifles.

William V Wood said...

A voting machine that doesn't look like a voting machine is still a voting machine.
Hope things are going well with you Mike, you are in our prayers.865 dularAy