Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feels like 1861.

It may come as a surprise to some folks, but I have a lot of friends who disagree with me politically. Many of these I met as result of my research work into events in Alabama during the War Between the States. One of these sent his email list a message which included these thoughts:
"I have had many comments on my approach to the gun murder epidemic that the US is caught up in. I have one final bit of advice for the administration and then quit the discussion. Have the NRA declared a Terrorist Organization."
To which I sent him this reply:
Tell me, Charles, how soliciting a civil war over the 2nd Amendment makes anyone safer? The NRA is an organization of spineless jellyfish compared to the recent veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan I know who will not tolerate any more infringements on their liberty, property and lives. Any law passed or regulation dictated by the Imperial President will be first defied and then, when the raid parties are sent out of regime frustration at that defiance, resisted in a 4th Generation Warfare (look it up) civil conflict that targets the political will of the war makers to proceed. (See Bill Clinton's changes in the rules of engagement with the Serbs in 1999 that made enemy politicians, media and intellectual support for their war effort fair game. Now extrapolate the unintended consequences of that to another American civil war.)
The question is this: how many of me and my kind do you want to see dead in order to achieve your gun control purpose? A million? Two? Ten?
Give us the answer now, if you please.
We are not effeminate Brits or gelded Australians. We are Americans. We will resist and -- if necessary -- fight, like Americans. We are not going anywhere. Deal with it, or kill us. Your choice. But cease imagining that all you have to do is pass a law or tell us what to do.
Mike Vanderboegh
Friends estranged by politics. It feels like 1861.


JTwig said...

I hope you post your friend's response. As I'm keenly interested to see the otherside's mindset and level of determination.

Anonymous said...

Please post his response. I'm interested how he'll retort.

Anonymous said...

Friends who disagree politically?
That's putting it mildly
I separated myself from my 'friends' of this type awhile back. It will be easier to do what needs to be done at a later date.
Your 'friend' had better wake up.
We are not going to surrender our firearms. As the saying goes, "Don't fear the night, fear what hunts at night."
Semper Fi
Molon Labe

J. Travis said...

In one fashion or another, most of these "friends" have fallen away from my life.

What's more important, I don't think any of them know my current address or phone number.

A hostile "friend" is just a Stasi informer.

Anonymous said...

Mike I'm about XY miles from Ft.Knox I'm seeing AH-64Ds almost every day now. Have been for the last two weeks. I could hear multiple CHINOOKS to day. They haven't trained this hard since they invaded the sandbox

Alabama gun owner said...

Bring it!
Molon Labe
Alabama Gun Owner
(From the range-out here in the rain)

SWIFT said...

Why would Charles want the NRA labeled a Terrorist Organization? Their death toll is zero. Now lets look at the real terrorists: FBI (the leader in innocent deaths) ATF, (the AVIS of murdering scum) even the U.S. Marshall's Service and Department of Interior, has innocent blood on their hands. How convenient for Charles to skip the math.

Anonymous said...

With "friends" like that you don't need enemies....oh! wait, it seems to me you have just met another of your enemies.

I can certainly relate.

Please do post his response to your query. The pathetic thing is that he will likely not honor your forthright assertion with anything but silence....cowardly silence.

You are better off without him.


Anonymous said...

Friends disagree, Mike.

My last dialogue was with my law enforcement son about the same issue, and we have not talked since then - I doubt we ever will.

That hurts.

Why your friends is so blind and ignorant is beyond belief. I can't imagine a better teacher than you, so it must be the facts he is unable to accept or comprehend.

My son comprehends it all, yet he cohse his side, as will most cops and many ... many veterans.

So, it's only us Americans left; old and sick ones at that.

Stay safe.

Semper Fi,


Trinity said...

My very progressive neighbors are of the popular attitude that if the government passes a law ostensibly for the safety of all Americans -- you know, advancing social justice and such -- even though there will be some public kvetching initially, all but the hardcore criminal element will voluntarily obey. Then the police can be turned loose against that element and disarm them also...yeah, right.

Of course, these are the same neighbors who begged me a year ago to teach them to use a handgun so they could get CCW permits for "self protection." And as far as they are concerned their 14 and 19 round magazines which came with their respective pistols are exempt from any possible future law as they own theirs only for self defense and would never use them in anger or any other illegal manner...but they're not sure of other neighbors being as responsible.

The hypocrisy of the left (and neocons on the right) knows no bounds....

Dakota said...

Actually I think that is an excellent idea to declare the NRA a terrorist organization. Maybe then all the stupid fuckin Elmer Fudds out there that dust off their trusty deer rifle once a year to go kill Bambi can see what they fucking voted for and maybe ... just maybe they will wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Mike - let's 'assume' for a moment that your 'friend' is correct and the NRA is declared to be a terrorist organization. Add to that the cries from 'reasonable' folks like erikloomis that they all be shot on sight - will the hoplophobes be 'satisfied' with the extermination of FOUR MILLION+ Citizens? What is to stop them from going after the next group that disagrees with them? Absolutely nothing. Totalitarianism will then be complete.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike...A more pointed question might be how many of HIS OWN KIND is he willing to sacrifice?

Robin said...


Paul X said...

I have long wondered at the reasoning power of people who claim to be concerned about murder, advocating disarmament. Perhaps they don't really believe we would kill and die for RKBA and what it represents (freedom!), because they themselves would never do the same for any reason. But I actually think what is really going on here, is that these people are just as bloodthirsty as anyone else, maybe even more so, but have deceived themselves that they care about murder victims. And some of them know the score, but are just good liars.

Toastrider said...

1861? I -wish-. This is worse.

Mike, you yourself said (in Absolved) that in 1861, a Yankee and a Johnny Reb had far more in common than not -- which, in my opinion, was the true tragedy of the Civil War. How much do neofeudalists and statists have in common with people who want to live free, and be left alone?

Lines are being drawn. States are pretty much telling the feds 'pass whatever you like, you're not enforcing it here'. Setting up for a major confrontation -- and while I believe the feds could force one or two states to knuckle under, if the number grows the problem becomes exponentially worse for them.

Brace yourselves.

Carl Stevenson said...

You should posit out to the moronic sheep that there is no "gun murder epidemic". The stats are down close to 50% from about 1993 ... Since states started enacting "shall issue" concealed carry laws.
I'm sure he'll have a fit over that inconvenient fact, but the Feds' own data prove it (though they try to keep it quite because it clearly doesn't fir their disarmament agenda.)

Carl Stevenson said...

In the future, please refrain from training the enemy ...