Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I just had a wickedly subversive idea. What if "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms" was a state-run convenience store?

Regarding His Kenyan Excellency's upcoming executive orders:
You know I had a very subversive idea this morning that I passed on to a fellow who is having meetings in his state capitol today. If His Excellency passes an executive order banning private importation of arms and ammunition, there's still nothing he can do about GOVERNMENT sales and importation, right? So why not, in the states we control, get the state legislatures to set up state gun stores. I mean, they have state liquor stores, right? Let the states import their own firearms, magazines and ammunition and sell 'em in state stores.
What if "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms" was a state-run convenience store? Remember, you read it first on Sipsey Street.


Mt Top Patriot said...

Dear Mike,
You realize what just happened in NY?

They just shut off the northeast corridor. You can not get in or out of New England with your arms without traveling through NY state.

You see the set up here?
Tactical and strategic choke point. With rolling VIPR teams on the roads they can ambush at will whomever they wish looking for persons, arms, and materiel.

Along with it being an outright strategic act of war on our Liberty to defend from tyranny, a litany of acts of treachery, treason, and tyranny, this is in direct contravention of Article 10 of the US Constitution-Powers Prohibited States.
Of course it is in direct violation of the 2nd, 4th, 9th, Amendments.

Anonymous said...

Add 'Fireworks! Food! Festivities! Family Fun!' to the Signage and you're nearing the Correct Recipe.
Bake @ 500 till done.

All Military, All the Time, Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Genius. This is true 4G warfare.

Anonymous said...

quote:"You realize what just happened in NY?"unquote

Look at the date today. The National ID act took affect today. NOTHING on MSM. Give it a few weeks, and "Your papers please.." will become synonymous with Amerika. Welcome to TOTALITARIANISM-R-US on steroids. Next up..DRONES INC. over your very neighborhood. Ain't technology grand? Ha..I pray for a massive Solar ejection...and a world wide digital meltdown. It's the only thing that can save us from ourselves.

Anonymous said...


It's started. Obomination delivers his on Wednesday. I'd submit we'll see a confrontation within a month.

A Reader said...

It is an amusing idea, but there are states, counties, and cities which are no less corrupt than the Feds. We have learned from the ATF we cannot trust them with our guns, because they will fiddle with them until a legal gun becomes illegal somehow. We have learned from ATF, FBI, and SWAT cops that we can't trust them with their duty weapons. We have learned from Babs and DiFi and Chucky and Rahmbo that they don't trust us, even with mountains of evidence demonstrating that decent people behave themselves with and around guns.

State run businesses are a bad idea. State run gun businesses are a worse idea. This is why, though I want a Garand, I haven't tried to get one from CMP.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of heading over to Anniston to get a Garand. Seems like a good idea to me (assuming they still have some).

What am I missing?

Moe Death said...

Uh... no offense, Mike, but I've had a T-shirt that says that exact same thing for about 10 years now. Great minds DO think alike, though, so it's okay.

And now I'll say something that I never thought I'd say, here or anywhere on the net: FIRST!

Quick, Domino, the liquid of amnesia!

Bill & Domino

Anonymous said...

A Reader,
Go with the joke. I thought it was funny (in a dark vein). Impractical, but funny.
But Mike, you forgot the fishing bait, worms, and gear.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Real store in my hometown - Bailey Colorado!

You all ate thinking like this is a legal or law enforcement problem. We are way pa set that stage.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,
I don't see any comment on what has happened in New York.
In my opinion it is pivotal and a sure catalyst to initiate action, yet not a word from Sipsey Street?

What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Moe Death, you've totally missed the point. Of course Mike knows that saying. Everybody has heard it ad nauseum. Now go back and grok how he wants to take the concept to monkeywrench fed edicts via the states.

Anonymous said...

This store actually exists, in Bailey, Colorado. This is not a photoshop.