Monday, January 7, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: Americans aren't buying 'assault weapons' just to have something to register

In other words, Feinstein proposes to make millions of new "gun criminals" out of decent Americans. So be it. How does she intend to arrest us, and whom does she propose do the arresting?


SWIFT said...

"...and whom does she propose to do the arresting?" Feds? State? Locals? It doesn't matter. Give or get a sucking chest wound and we all bleed red.

Crotalus said...

War is coming, Ms. Feinstein. And you started it.

Anonymous said...

No, we aren't arming just to turn them in or registering them. We're arming for war.
The sooner D.C. understands this, the sooner this foolishness will be over.


(My Google account doesn't like me any more since I'm blocking all their trackers.)

MamaLiberty said...

Think about it... and I'm sure somebody has mentioned this before..

The "powers that be" are completely incapable of eliminating the presence and use of guns, knives, drugs or ANYTHING else... in maximum security prisons under their supposedly complete control. Murder, rape, assault and assorted such crimes are HIGH in these prisons.

Just how well do you suppose they'll manage to enforce these "bans" in the backwaters of Alabama, Wyoming, or much of anywhere else?

Not no, but hell no. Unless they plan to nuke us all... they've got one hell of a job on their hands... and damned few competent hands to work with.

bondmen said...

The prices being paid, the empty shelves and warehouses, the terribly long lines at gun shows should tell the DC corrupt-o-crats and RINOs something big is afoot and a whole lot of new participants do not want to miss the next Tea Party. Do the idiots on the Potomac realize how much money is being spent right now by the real Americans?

Anonymous said...

Crotalus - if I may, I'd amend your comment to say that war WILL come if diefi and her ilk continue on their reckless path. They can easily stop it from happening by desisting from their grandiose plans for total control.
I fear that you are correct though, if it does come, she and her type will be the ones who start it. I pray that we will be the ones to both end it and survive it.

Rick said...

I think it's about time for a million man march on Washington before these brainless morons with a 6% approval rating get the hint. 6% approval. Damn, that's the percentage of absolute idiots in the general population. People that are borderline retarded, plus congress.