Monday, January 7, 2013

WAPO Fawns Over Infamous Justice Department Official Who Covered Up Fast and Furious Connection to Brian Terry Murder

The Washington Post, the same newspaper that falsely smeared border state gun dealerships as cartel suppliers before the Fast and Furious scandal broke, has a new piece out by Ann Marimow fawning over former Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Jason Weinstein, who resigned in September.


SWIFT said...

Ann Marimow is one more left-winger that is slowly changing my position on abortion and aggressive euthanasia. Shame on her parents for breeding a human carp.

Dr.D said...

MIKE you have to see this!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

quote:"Shame on her parents for breeding a human carp." unquote
On the contrary, they killed themselves in recognition of what they had sired, after a failed attempt to pinch her umbilical cord.

marburg05 said...

Any legislation signed by the Marxist POS, limiting citizens Devine Rights enumerated by the 2nd, will be the line; once crossed can not be undone.
Not to worry.
Remember the end of the Mark Wahlberg movie "SHOOTER".
Weinstein, Bruer, et al, will never feel safe.
I will never comply.