Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Just . . . Vote. Write it in if you want, but vote.


WarriorClass said...

We're voting, but the question is will the Republican party betray us again. They never were the party of the Republic as people seem to think anyway; rather they are the ones that destroyed the Founder's Republic. Operatives such as Dick Armey are already trying to co-opt the Tea Party agenda.

Pray for peace, prepare for war.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

I already did. Was 2nd in line at the poling station, matter of fact. Got a machine that didn't want to accept my input - no matter which one I voted for. But - WONDER OF WONDERS - the Republican entry was listed first. Whooda thunk?

I'm not sure which outcome I prefer, though. If the GOP wins as many have predicted, the we're likely to see the lame-duck session to end ALL lame-duck sessions followed by the Kenyan ruling by decree - excuse me "Executive Order". Then again if the GOP LOSES then the transformation of the Republic of the United States of America into the People's Republik of the United States of Amerika will proceed all ahead flank.

Either way the revolution approaches. Either way my new Grandson gets to grow up under pre-industrial revolution living conditions and technology.

Sometimes I think I shoulda just stayed home and loped my mule. At least when I finished I'd have felt good for a while.


Bad Cyborg X
Liberals: Too stupid to live; illegal to hunt.

Anonymous said...

Done. I don’t like being cynical, but I feel like we are on a bus headed over a cliff and all I did was tap the brakes a little.

Anonymous said...

Mission Accomplished!
Voting Complete.

Joel said...

Oh, okay. If you say so, Mike.

I vote for 7.62X51 NATO.

Second choice is 7.62X39 COMMIE.

But if my guy wins, I promise not to support legislation that oppresses 5.56 voters.

Mamma Bear said...

I voted!

This is our day!.....They will hear us now!

Anonymous said...

Why give legitimacy to the system by participating in it? By withholding my vote, I withdraw my complicity for their tyranny. It speaks volumes by sayin, "I do not recognize your authority!"

Stay the course.

Anonymous said...

I will go to the voting place and sign the register.

I refuse to cast a vote for anymore rulers.

I refuse to write in a name for a ruler.

I will show up at the stadium, to let them know I’m alive, but I will not play their game.

flounderjig said...

I have voted and have prayed that our side win. I am armed and ready to give all for my country and Constitution.

Anonymous said...

We certainly may be on the road to destruction, and may completely lose - I don't pretend to know.

But while there may be only a 1-in-13,465,754,364,747 chance that trying will provide an escape, I know that doing nothing guarantees that we will lose.

Not voting is doing nothing, & the argument against voting because it "legitimizes the actions of elected tyrants" is a pessimistic & self-fulfilling prophecy that is based on belief in the lies of politicians.

Some wise libertarian didn't come up with the concept that the actions of politicians are legitimate because they were elected - politicians came up with that claim to try & justify their immoral actions.

My voting for a congressman doesn't legitimize that person's theft any more than my voting for a CEO legitimizes embezzlement by that executive.

Since I refuse to stand by & watch my home get flushed down the toilet, because my own gullibility gives me the illusion of moral superiority, I voted.

As to whether the Republican party will "betray us again"?

That's like the latest Geico commercials ("Did the little piggy cry 'wee wee wee' all the way home?")

I voted for those who haven't asked me to support things I believe are wrong - mostly 3rd party, but also a few Republicans. I tried to find out the truth about what each of them will/would do, but without a crystal ball, I don't know if I'm correct. All I can do to judge the likelihood of future actions is to look at past actions, & vote accordingly.


bitter Clinging Texan said...

I voted.......every slot that had a libertarian candidate I voted for them
I had seriously considered voting for Bill White, because I am not fond of Perry; but I discovered Kathy Glass, the libertarian candidate, so that's who I voted for

Uncle Al said...

Chris, what would it take for you to say to yourself, "This isn't working. I've been voting for years and things just keep getting worse. The State keeps growing in size, expense, and power. The State keeps finding new ways to make us individual citizens irrelevant and to violate our rights. Isn't there a better way to use my time and energy to free myself and American society?"

Anonymous said...

I voted. Turned in the ballot yesterday, in fact. If for no other reason, I voted so that if (when?) the election goes south I can turn to everyone else and say, "I voted. Where the hell were you!?"

Anonymous said...

<<<"I do not recognize your authority!">>>

The only thing they care about, IS YOUR VOTE.

Which is why they spend so much time, effort and other people's money lying cheating and manipulating to modify it, suppress it, or negate it!

They don't give a Rat's A** about you or your family or this country. BUT THEY DO CARE WHAT YOU DO WITH THAT VOTE.

They'd do away with it, if they could but they wouldn't survive the next week and there would be, all the things they secretly fear.

Wait until you see what happens when the gloves come off and some of their newsroom managers or editors wind up dead. They know the potentials and are playing the odds because they think they've seen the other hands. They think that they stole all the face cards. It's why they are playing at all. They figure that the days of shooting the card cheat are over.

But those cards, belong to our kids.

Elliot said...

I haven't voted in a decade and don't plan to ever vote again. No politician can point to my participation as a sign of consent.

They have to lie about me.


Mark Matis said...

Voted a couple of weeks ago, and they verified that they received my ballot on the 20th.

d'Heat said...

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." -- H.L. Menckenb

BrianF said...

I voted, if for no other reason than to tell myself that I tried every possible way to make those elected listen.

Defender said...

I voted for the Tea Party independent running against Eric "PATRIOT Act" Cantor.
Rudeness by the electoral officers was minimal this time. No waiting line for them to show off their power. Just a curt "ID, please" from a blonde woman. I felt like I was back in Deutschland... I figured if the woman behind the table was ready to see my ID, SHE'D ask.
I hope we clean House.
My wife was relieved that I didn't go off on the Cantor shills out front. She gave me grief again for not saluting during the Pledge at my granddaughter's graduation after we were wanded and groped. My country my ass. She doesn't want to know, she wants to be ignorantly blissful.
I've done the triage for it things get really bad. She doesn't make the cut. If YOUR spouse is with you on liberty and keeping it, be thankful.

Bad Cyborg said...

Uncle Al, I vote even though I call doing so my "biennial exercise in futility".

Anonymous @ 0600, actually all you did was stick your arm out the window with your pal perpendicular to the ground.

To all, at least by voting we have the satisfaction of knowing that we have done all we could WITHIN the system when we squeeze the trigger the first time. When we use those 30 cal or .223 cal or whatever cal voting machines, we will be doing it only as a last resort. That will not make the deaths of millions (tens of millions?) any easier but one has to take whatever small measure of comfort one can.

Well, it is 17:30CDT as I write so the results should start coming in soon. Hopefully in another 5 hours or so we will know whether we are looking at the mother of all lame-duck sessions followed by rule by decree or an accelerated rush towards a socialist state and conditions so intolerable as to start a REAL civil war.


Bad Cyborg X
Don't think of shooting statists as murder. Think of it as eugenics - improving the species.


Promised my now Dead father(a USMC WWII vet) that I would continue to work within the system until the day I was forced to pull the trigger.... Spent 8 years in the Corps myself and don't relish having to shoot human beings again...that day has grown very close.. but as of 3:42 pm pacific time I've yet to lock and load. Off work in less than 20 min's and will be heading for the polls.
Senper Fi, Matt III

Anonymous said...

Why give legitimacy to the system by participating in it?--Anon @9:55

Ancient Greeks used beans to cast their votes. White beans represented a "yes" vote and black beans signified "no."

Pythagoras forbade his disciples from voting. "Wretches, keep your hands from beans!"

He imposed this sanction because of his belief that monads were the metaphysical source of man's existence and voting was a divisive practice, bringing a cosmic division into the unity of being.

I am not a Pythagorean. I reject Greek metaphysics. Unity is the denial of individual action, i.e. freedom.

Prisoners, foreigners and minors are prohibited from voting because they are not fully-vested citizens.

Are you?


Anonymous said...


When will I quit making an effort to effect change peacefully?

When America is forced into fighting, I suppose. Until that day, I will always peacefully try to find ways to protect freedom. Voting is not the only way to try, but it certainly is one way to try, even if it's like trying to empty a lake with an eyedropper.

I abhor the idea of violent revolution. Look at the price in blood paid in the American Revolutionary War. Look at the horrendous cost in life of the "Civil War/War Between the States". I don't want that.

But while such a terrible thing certainly may come, it won't be because I gave in to despair & decided to give up.

I vote because I don't care what a politician says about my participation.

I vote because someone lying about my supposed intent is not enough to make me say "OK, you win. Go ahead and tell me what to do, just know that I protest."

I vote because I'm not willing to simply forfeit.


Anonymous said...

You all voted for the dumbocrats all these years and here we are.

You all voted for the repukocrats all these years ... and here we are.

I invite all of you who voted, (with Mikes blessing of course) to come back here before the 2012 election and give us all an account of your republican representative by listing all the the laws and legislation they introduced/sponsored. Including ... all the unconstitutional laws they repealed.

I still remember Newt and his "Contract with America". Put a hook into the jaws of all those freshmen, bent them over and greased them real good ... and they all learned to love it.

Imagine ... if you will ... where we will be.

I wonder, after the repuko-rats have made their landside ... how many of you will ... learn to love it?

Anonymous said...

Voting is a big part of it, but only part of ir. Focus on Jury Nullification, also.

Defender said...

Virginians decided to keep Eric "PATRIOT Act" Cantor and Bobby "Stacked Gun Law Committee" Scott.
Cantor's commercials have a grinning buffoon with dentures too big for his mouth spurting "I'm voting for someone like Eric Cantor who'll give me more freedom."
Another has Cantor accusing Washington -- where' he's been for over a decade -- of not listening.
His Independent opponent got the usual 7% of the vote. Where's the incentive to listen?

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

Curtis, et al -
With all due respect -
We will show you how things change by our voting, if you will show us what has changed by your NOT voting. Please, show us what improvements we have had by your not voting??

In other words, whatever warm fuzzies a person may get by saying, well at least I didn't vote - become rather insignificant when one realizes that their 'non vote' accomplished not a whit more than anyone's vote.

I agree with those who say that doing anything in a positive way, i.e., voting, calling, writing, faxing, whatever - will give at least some degree of balm to the soul when squeezing the trigger.

Those who do not understand this have never apparently had the regrettable but sometimes necessary experience of killing other human beings. It has always been a sadly interesting thought, to me and others of my acquaintance, that those who are first in line to don their designer brand camo, wave their shiny new FAL or pimped out AK and demand that "someone' start the shooting, are almost without exception, those who have never spent time in some godforsaken hellhole, trying to kill other people and praying that those people don't kill you first. Conversely, those who have spent any time in combat are, in my experience, the very last ones who want to start the shooting again.

And yet, when the eager beavers who wanted it all to start, are crying, bleeding, missing their mommies or calling out for God to save them while they run toward the rear, the soldiers who LEAST wanted another fight will be the ones who are holding the front line and advancing it, mile by bloody mile.

Elliot said...

Chris @6:13, I absolutely reject the premise that moral questions should ever be subjected to a popularity contest. Individually, I have no right to take your money by threat of force, even if it's for a "good cause", to force your son to go to war for me, or to lock you up in a cage for breaking some rule I made up about what kind of weapon you can own or what you put in your own body. Thus, I have no moral authority to grant any proxy permission to do these things to you.

Were I to participate in another election, I would consider that to be an abandonment of my principles, a forfeiture of my respect for your rights.

Sadly, I understand that most people don't see voting for what it is. Too many are tricked into believing the propaganda that Americans are fed from kindergarten on. Democracy and freedom are two entirely different things.

Bill St. Clair said...

My last vote was for Ron Paul in the 2008 presidential primary. I'm done with voting. Didn't vote last year in the local elections. Didn't vote this year. Have joined the x2012.us boycott of the 2012 elections.

Anonymous said...

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...
. “Conversely, those who have spent any time in combat are, in my experience, the very last ones who want to start the shooting again.”

So explain to me, how we are becoming increasingly plagued with so may ex military, reserve and national guard personal coming home from combat, taking jobs with local police forces, and shooting unarmed citizens?

For all the other public educated, brainwashed, propagandized, collectivist, statist voters........................
(if this offends you..........ask yourself why)

As your elected government takes more and more control of your health, food supply, shelter, income, future of children, grandchildren, until we are all totally enslaved........................................rest well knowing that you voted for every bit of it.
You vote for rulers, you WILL be ruled.

If it makes your chains of enslavement any easier to bear..............blame the free thinking individual who at the very least did not vote to have the government enslave you, and at the most freed themselves for a time from being a slave to the system and proses that will enslave us all. Some that freed themselves of enslavement to the process and poked their would be slave masters in the eye now and then along the way.

I know some will say I’m calling for a violent overthrow of the government, or a shooting war...................................

Read the words I have written again.....................It is plain black letter text.....................us a dictionary if you must.

If you still think that I am calling for violence...................................

That is your government propagandized,, collectivist education, that makes you think there are only two choices...................Submissiveness to your rulers or killing.

Why can’t I be free to take care of myself and be left alone to do so as long as I am not causing harm to other persons or property?

Stop voting for your damn government to rule and regulate my life. THAT IS WHAT GOVERNMENTS DO!

We have what we have because this is what the majority wants.

Anonymous said...

You miss my point Elliot -

I agree that neither of us have the authority to steal from one another, or enable people to murder, etc..

And without that authority to begin with, we cannot delegate that authority to anyone else.

As such, a vote cannot grant permission for immoral actions.

Since we cannot delegate authority we do not have, it is irrational to claim that voting grants permission for someone to do evil things. Voting for a particular person does not give them carte blanche to do whatever they like, regardless of what most politicians try to claim.

You may choose to vote or not, but if you do it out of a belief that it is a grant of authority for someone to take evil actions, then you accept the attempt of politicians to blame you for their immoral acts.

Perhaps voting will change nothing, but abstaining will definitely change nothing. Call it a wasted effort if you will, but I believe an effort which fails is better than forfeit.

Take care,


Elliot said...

Chris @11:34, I don't believe that voting "is a grant of [moral] authority for someone to take evil actions...." For me, that is why a vote is, at best, a morally meaningless act.

I understand that politicians view it that way (though they wouldn't publicly admit what they do is "evil"). And, many voters approach elections as a means to punish their "enemies" or to stick it to the other guy before he sticks it to you. At least those people may perhaps have an accurate assessment of the ethics of democracy.

Again, I won't vote because I respect your rights too much. And, I won't be persuaded to do anything to violate your rights just because not doing that won't change the system.

Billy Beck has some good posts up today. You ought to take a look.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read Beck's comments quite often - I just don't agree with all of them.

I don't have a problem with you not voting, but I disagree with the idea that if you did vote, you're necessarily "doing anything to violate my rights."

I choose to do so because not doing so feels like standing by & watching politicians violate our rights. Voting may not stop them from doing so, but it is a chance to voice my opposition.


Anonymous said...

Voting is damage control.

And government control is something you do 24/7/365. YOU do - not the government!

Anybody working on getting actually journalistic web-sites up and running ?

-NN, somewhere in
white-out country...