Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A present from Waldo. In an effort to cultivate a new, warmer, fuzzier image, ATF eschews black jack boots for colorful flip-flops.

Something in the line of "Your tax dollars at work."

Waldo dropped by the house on his way back from the IACP convention and brought a set of official ATF footwear. You will note that they have stepped back from the traditional black jack boot of the past twenty years and have tried to cultivate a new, warmer, fuzzier image, with colorful flip-flops.

Waldo tells me that the Chief Counsel's Office assigned the design to the Firearms Technology Branch -- they wanted something less threatening but more in tune with current ATF policy. According to Waldo's source in West Virginia, Captain Midnight, "The flip flop nature of the footwear and ATF policy make this a good symbolic match up for CCO, who always like to be able to have things both ways. Truth in advertising!"

You will note one important psychological remnant of the old kitten-stomping days.

The ATF on the bottom is inset, and leaves "ATF, ATF, ATF, ATF," with each individual foot step as they walk down the beach in wet sand. This allows them to stop, turn, and look back fondly on their omnipotent power to remake God's earth -- at least until reality returns and the tide comes in. Makes it easier for Charlie Quintard to track them, too.

I will enjoy wearing my new ATF flip-flops. Perhaps I can persuade a friend to take a picture of me wearing them while sunning on my back deck.



Defender said...

If they take really short steps it will print out FATFATFAT.

Jay Stang said...

Mike, keep that sunbathing to yourself. We don't want the Sea Shepherd trying to protect you.


Alvie D. Zane said...

Just as soon as you heal the dogs up...right?

flounderjig said...