Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another country heard from . . .

In reaction to this post on Bernardine Dohrn, Obama fan and the celebrator of Charlie Manson's fork in the stomach of the pregnant Sharon Tate:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Bernadine is certainly a hundred times smarter than anyone in the gun totin' militia gang. She's exactly right that you lot get a free pass with your armed rallies that blacks would not get--just because you're white and rightwing. One only hopes that the limits of the tolerance of white lunatics are close to being reached and the government will soon start reacting to you guys as you deserve to be reacted to.

November 7, 2010 12:35 PM


Brock Townsend said...

Anonymous said...
Where do you work in the $PLC.......?

Defender said...

"Law and Order:SVU" has a warning in this week's episode about those dangerous (though unarmed) right-wing fanatics who oppose a "victory mosque" in New York City (according to the placards they hold in the commercial as they wear American flag baseball caps and scarves). A federal agent infiltrates their racist lunatic ranks FOR A YEAR and they catch on and hold her captive, apparently. Bad, bad Americans. Submit meekly. And might as well start segregating ourselves by gender in public in compliance with sharia, even though we know segregation is discrimination...
Not in my lifetime.

Mike said...

Bring it on douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and it will go about as well for you and your stripe, Anonymous, about it did for the (socialist) Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

Bring it on.

Toaster 802 said...

Dear racist hater anon,

Your post reveals three things.

Your approval if not not outright admiration of a cowardly, murdering terrorist.

Your hate of any white person who is not a cowardly, murdering terrorist.

Your cowardly refusal to attach an ID of any sort to your hate speech.

Crawl back into the basement before mommy gets home, or she is likely to put you to work doing chores, you twit.

Mark Matis said...

For Brock Townsend:

No, he's from the KCTEW. Of course, that IS pretty much the same as the SPLC...

Pat H. said...

Unlikely that the government will do anything.

Dohrn, on the other hand, has come to our attention.

Her decision to make such public statements was unsound.

Very unsound.

Scamp1776 said...

Work.... ? That is a bit generous don't you think.

Anonymous said...

Notice how they always want the government to do something for them? funny.
mthead III

Anonymous said...

If you have the sense G*d gave a billy goat, you'd better pray that never happens.

Our goal is a DETERRENT effect, but we're damn sure capable of backing it up.

Unlike you and other cowards,we won't ask others to do the killing and dying for us, then again we're blessed with having something WORTH fighting for.

Someday, G*d willing, your kids will thank us...

Anonymous said...

This looney is a living testament that people only believe what they want to, not what the reality of current events is.


Anonymous said...

lol, really! I guess you have not one single pin head idea of what freedom is and how it is kept! Unfortunate the world need reminders every so often.....


Defender said...

"You lot."
Yes, the British have SO gotten over our white gun-toting grandfathers dying in France, Italy and Spain to keep the Union Jack over Britain instead of the swastika.
So now they have the Crescent and Star and its cousin, the Hammer and Sickle.

EJR914 said...

Typical race baitor. I agree with Brock, sounds exactly like a constituent of the SPLC.

After all, they are now spreading their lies about us, getting certain agencies all riled up and ready for action.

Anonymous said...

Is there any doubt we're a divided country with your posted comments by the anonymous leftist ?

Today we're two countries in one. The collectivists against the individualists....the Patriots.

Time is coming.


Rider said...

Find a nerve?

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

Bravely hiding behind a mask of anonymity, Anonymous wrote "One only hopes that the limits of the tolerance of white lunatics are close to being reached and the government will soon start reacting to you guys as you deserve to be reacted to."

Twit! If/when they DO it will be "Katie bar the door!" because that would be a "Boston Massacre" sort of event would surely set off a rebellion. That could easily bring on the end of the world as we know it. Pussies like you will die off within the 1st 6 months.

Careful what you wish for, commie rat bastard, you just might get it. Then you'd be like the dog that chased cars until he caught one.

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins
Proud 10%er

Newbius said...

Well, if any minorities and gays want to rally with Daniel and the RTC folks, I am sure that they would be welcomed. I am sure that the Deacons, the Pink Pistols, the Second Amendment Sisters, and any other liberty-loving people would be greeted with open arms. It is the binding philosophy, not the color, that matters.

If, instead, the activist minorities, gays, progressive whites, SPLC, or racist front-groups want to riot and start something, I am sure that they could be accommodated in that regards as well.

We are at a crossroads again in our history. The flag from the revolutionary era still applies: Join or Die. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

Since there is no statutory limit on prosecuting murder and/or treason, why not have a trial for Bernie D and Billy A?

It's not too late...

Bob Katt

aughtsix said...

Anonymous Soooper Genius said:
" lot get a free pass with your armed rallies that blacks would not get--just because you're white and rightwing."

Free pass my ass. The ignorance of this remark is stunning.

The "you lot" gives up this deep thinker as a Britlib, which explains the bias and ignorance.

Dhimmitude and emasculation will do that to ya.



Anonymous said...

"[T]he government will soon start reacting to you guys as you deserve to be reacted to."

Do you think we bought truckloads of ammo and battle rifles after BHO was elected because we expect to be left unmolested by you reactionary thugs?


Anonymous said...

" you deserve to be reacted to."

This is a collectivist metaphor for "be destroyed utterly by the military force of the State."

This may happen, but it will be a trigger event unleashing the lists kept by "other than official forces". Re: "One Hundred Heads", followed by a less precise enthusiastic and quite disruptive self-directed general resistance.

How many infiltrators do you think the fed's have inside my "Army of One" unit? Clue for TSA supervisors: a single digit binary number. One guess only.


Anonymous said...

Berdadine Dorn was once one of the top ten most-wanted fugitives in America for her associations with the anti-government terrorist Weatherman group.

If such an anti-government person now supports the government, what changed: The person or the government?

If such a terrorist-linked person is now afraid of those who recently attend armed rallies to support a restoration of the Constitution, then imagine just how fearful the average government official is right now.

Dakota said...

Yes Ms Dohrnshould be very careful of what she says in todays America. Her murdering kind was more than willing to kill off 25 million or so Americans to institute their "workers paradise".

I wonder if she felt that target she just put on her chest. The guardians of the Constitution are not going to be so kind as was her youth.

Anonymous said...

We WON and Your Lot LOST over 200+ years ago and defeated by former British Subject's , what would make you think WE give a fiddler's F%CK what you scribble or (using the word "think" graciously) think. Your a Simple "Prat" (


Wraith said...

Look, seems the news hasn't gotten to your side of the pond, but no matter how you phrase it, screaming "RAAACIST" is so last week.

Try to keep up. I thought Europe was supposed to be on the cutting edge of the new trends!