Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can even Helicopter Ben print this fast?

I'm afraid he probably can, at least until the cannibal mobs overrun the Federal Reserve printing presses.
With the right recipe, even central bankers are tasty.


Defender said...

The Federal Reserve building in Richmond, VA looks like what it is: a hardened government fortress, with a concrete berm topped by a tall black steel fence and gate, guarded by a bulletproof guard shack. New construction finished a few years ago. Very similar to the fence they put around the fusion center at the state police headquarters at about the same time.
Patterns, if you know where to look. I think they foresee ... customer dissatisfaction.

survivethedive said...

Central bankers are well marbled.

Bad Cyborg said...

Well, although the U.S. IS in 1st place regarding actual amounts, it is a DISTANT 2nd regarding borrowing as a function of GDP. Japan holds THAT distinction.

Wonder what Japan will do when THEIR bubble bursts? I don't know if the Chinese could hold off their "Self-Defense Forces" if Japan decides that offense really is the best defense and uses the largest standing army in the far east.

Bad Cyborg X

TJP said...

That's an interesting spin Authorized Journalism has put on the situation. The nations that allegedly hold all the wealth of the world will have to "borrow" 10 trillion from someone. I can't recall the last time I saw a banker sitting on a milk crate under a bridge, getting his loan reviewed by a bunch of homeless people.

It's times like these that one wishes an honest, activist journalist would step up to the plate and tell the truth: there is no one from which we may borrow, so the governments are going to confiscate property like there's no tomorrow, just so they can protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

Printing their way into oblivion.

PM prices will be going through the roof.

God,grub,ground,guns and gold(or silver)...if you ain't got them by now you are exponentially behind the curve....get busy.

David III said...

You know it's is almost hilarious! The Chinese Communist are telling the Obama Socialists how to be American Capitalists! It's enough to make your head spin!

Harry "Boffo" Reid said...

Eat the Bankers if you wish, but don't eat clowns. They taste funny.