Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You know, I've been invited to move to Wyoming.

If they keep this up, I just might.

My thanks to Michael W. Dean for the link.



Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it might be time to move!

-Bubba Man

Hugo de Groot said...

I am the poor slob who had to hook up all the schools in the state of wyoming to the internet a few years back. I'd move in a heartbeat if my wife was up to it.

Nothing like working until 5, going fly fishing and catching your dinner within a few minutes, and then shooting prarie dogs until the sun goes down, and coyotes after the moon comes up.

Friendly people if you discount the roustabouts in Casper and Rock River (oil drillers).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture, not far from where I live.
But remember, most of Wyoming is still desert.


jdege said...

The blog post makes it sound like these were tax collectors, who are be threatened into not collecting taxes.

Thing is, sales taxes aren't due the day of the sale, so the state has no business sending folks to collect.

The news report makes it clear that what was going on was that the Department of Revenue was sending folks to in person, so they can hand the show operator a bunch of tax forms, so that he can distribute them to any dealer who might have forgotten how to handle the sales tax he handles every day at his store fronts.

And, of course, so the field agent can collect overtime for working weekends.

There's nothing in this story that suggests any evidence of gun dealers not collecting the sales tax the law requires, or in failing to remit it to the state. All there is is some wusses at the Department of Revenue who are afraid of interacting with gun owners.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you're welcome in Montana, too. We don't have sales tax at all. (Wyoming doesn't have income tax, but ours is pretty reasonable).

I guess that Wyoming doesn't have a tar and feather removal line-item in their budget.

DB said...

I love Wyoming! I may move there myself!

Brock Townsend said...

Love it, and Wyoming, but not in the winter.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome to come, but the winters are a mite cool for some southern folks, being originally from WI, I find them mild, and the wind where we are conveniently clears most of the driveway for us. Some folks aren't as fortunate and they get drifts. The sheriff's dept. in our area is downright friendly, the local town cops are, well cops.
Wayne B.

Anonymous said...

The tax man NOT collecting taxes at a gun show because they were YELLED at.

Interesting concept. Who knew?

B Woodman

Bad Cyborg X said...

Ah, careful there, Dutchman. They get WINTER up there not like what we get down here in Bama n Texas. It can get cold down here on occasion but up there it gets F***ING COLD!! I spent a few years south of Wyoming in Kansas and I've seen chill factors approaching the sublimation temp of CO2!

But if you DO move be sure and set up Radio Free Wyoming when you do.

Bad Cyborg X