Sunday, July 11, 2010

Typeay's July 10th, 2010 - Tallahassee, Florida - Gun Show Review

A tip of the boonie hat to Typeay for this Tallahassee Gun Show Review:

The latest Tallahassee Gun Show held at the North Florida fairgrounds opened at 9am on July 10th & 11th. I arrived at Sat. morning 10:10am, and there were 5 people ahead of me in the admission line. ( I do not have a table estimate.) Admission was 7 dollars, and a dollar off with military I.D.. Uniformed peace officers are always admitted free.

The crowd was filling up quickly, I made my usual rounds to check prices and look for deals. Like most of the folks I know, I'm financially tapped out, was was looking for well used web gear, and ammo.

(I did not see the Tallahassee standard, BATF "we're here to help" table. It simply might not have been set up yet.)

The ONLY ammo cans to be had were brand new ones. The .50 cal boxes were brand new all right, and (gulp) 12 dollars each.

I opened one up, and it hissed from a perfect gasket, and smelled of paint. One ammo vendor confirmed they were buying new cans for their 500 and 1000 round canned packages.

He said they remain very busy, but the edge was easing off of the "panic buying" they were seeing last year. There was plenty of ammo of all calibers, but it was selling quite briskly.

Two quick, GA Arms ammo vendor prices:

500 rounds of .45 acp 185 grain ball (reloads) brass boxer primed, in ammo can, 170.00

500 rounds of .45 acp 185 grain ball (factory new) brass boxer primed, in ammo can, 200.00

Some quick random new gun vendor prices;

1911 Kimber Stainless II, .45 - 899.00

Glock G-17 9mm 499.00

Glock G-21 ..45acp 589.00

Colt 1911 Commander .45acp stainless, 896.00

Rock Island, 1911, .45 acp, stainless, 499.00

M1-A .308, G.I. set-up stock, 1595.00

Sig 556, Swat Model Piston AR, .223 - 1795.00

AK - WASR - 439.00

AK - wire underfolder, milsurp - 599.00

AR-15, Hi Standard .223 flattop - 679.00

Marlin Model .60, .22 rifle - 190.00

S&W Model 29 .44 magnum revolver, stainless, 6" bbl 596.00 (used?)

Maverick 88, 12 gauge pump shotgun - 288.00

Some quick USED gun prices -

Gobs of clean single shot, 20 gauge shotguns, for 90 to 100 dollars each (tempting)

Rossi, .357 revolver, stainless - 235.00

Gobs of nice classic double clean, S by S shotguns, (Stevens, Sears, etc...)
for 200 - 300 dollars

Colt AR-15, 1400.00 (YGBKM!)

Used S&W unpapered (private sale) revolvers, .mainly in .38 special
several from 200 - 300 dollars. Very good to excellent condition.

Power, Bullets, and Primers and primers were plentiful

CCI Primers, Large Rifle, per 1000, 33.99

Federal Small Bore, rifle, per 1000, 34.99

Powder, IMR 4227, 5 lbs can, 149.00

Winchester Ball powder, 231, 1 lb. can, 22.99

Lots of raw bullets, and used, as well as new, bagged brass

I found a guy who was selling new, G.I., unissued, Woodland cammo
Molle pouches for large AR-15 mags for 5.00 dollars each. He wiped out of stock
completely in 45 minutes.

There was very little milsurp ammo, mainly Comm-Block 7.62 x 39,
and prices were simply too high.

Steel AK mags - 20 dollars each

Fobus Holsters (new) 26.00 dollars each

I counted about 20 people in the first CCL class of the day
and they were still filing into the classroom chairs as I walked by.

I left within 90 minutes, as the crowd was already so thick that you
couldn't get to many of the tables. Several gun sales were being rung up,
and ammo was selling like hotcakes all over both buildings.

The "panic" may be easing, and the harsh reality of the economy may be kicking in,
but the show was busy, and crowded, at least on Saturday morning.

Typeay - out.


Anonymous said...

I had the fortune/misfortune of visiting the the Tulsa Arms Show in the November of the "panic" last year, where I swear I saw close to 60,000 people crammed into that two-story warehouse. Never in my life had I seen a gunshow so packed. I had to leave at noon, after only 4 hours, because it was impossible to move down any of the isles.
I had a recently purchased Rock River AR15 in my hand(bought for 850 through a private sale table), and had no less than 4 attempts of people buying it out of my hand at insane prices from my trip from the floor to the parking lot.
If nothing else, Obama did wonders for the AR15 industry.

Allen said...

"no less than 4 attempts of people buying it out of my hand at insane prices from my trip from the floor to the parking lot."

I wonder how many of them would have flashed an f-troop badge at you if you had said "it's a deal".

it's a common tactic. they figure out what you paid, and if you sell it for more than that you're "conducting business"

bastards got nothing better to do.