Monday, July 12, 2010

Risky Business: If anyone has more information on this ATF raid, let me know.

A tip of the boonie hat to SK for forwarding this.

It would seem that Bureau of Assholes who Torch Families are still walking the thin red "No More Free Wacos" line. It takes only an accidental discharge on the part of one of these ill-trained gun cop thugs to trigger the inexorable mathematics of One Hundred Heads.

I would very much like more info on this.



Taylor H said...

Looks like they read your blog and said, "Hey, watch this, we're going to tick this guy off."

Justin said...

Wow. I'll sleep safer tonight. Good thing they got this guy. Sounds like a real threat. (Yawn)

God forbid we spend time on the real criminals.

Like WRSA always says, Tempus Fugit.

Defender said...

My theory is that Obama wanted some Arizona sovereign citizens to pay for their state's handling of the illegal immigration problem without his permission. Who better than 1) a small business owner, 2) homeowner and 3) gun seller? It's like three strikes.
It IS, however, another public relations disaster for the feds. A Pyrrhic victory.

B said...

They claim to know about the guys business because of time to b uy -- that is, they know how many days from the time of the transactions to the time used in a crime. If, however, he is not an FFL holder any longer, as in one article, and if he is not doing the background checks, as stated in one article, how do they KNOW the time to buy? How could they possibly know when he is selling his collection and then the number of days until the pieces are used for crime?

Additionally, they claim that he let his FFL lapse, but was restocking to stay in business as he sold weapons. HOW? What manufacturer and/pr distributor would sell to him to allow him to restock? Nobody. That's who.


Greyhawk said...

Might be jumping the gun on this one. If he was dealing in firearms without a license then he broke the law and the ATF would have to shut him down.

As you mentioned, more clarification would indeed be welcome.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that sent you the article to begin with.

Supposedly, the latest is ATF went undercover and bought from the guy for the last several months and the 'claim' is he was selling to known criminals (how this guy "knew" they were criminals is yet to be established) and that some of the guns he sold ended up used in crimes (as if that were his fault).

He let his FFL lapse and was liquidating his inventory to retire and was doing the sales FTF without background checks. least that's the story ATF is telling.


Doc Enigma said...

Any discharge the batfinks make wouldn't be'd be truly negligent in that they're not trying to excercise care in their operations.

Oakenheart said...

Found this: