Monday, July 12, 2010

Praxis: Marines pushed to adopt "green-weenie" 5.56 round

I wrote about this round for Army use recently here. Now they're shoving it down the throats of the Marines.

Politically correct assholes.


Dennis308 said...

The SOST round sons like good round if it really comes close to performing like the TBBC. And if they can get the bugs out of the new steel tipped copper bullet they could have an other good round. I have some Barns Bullet reloads that I´ve used and as of yet have not been able to recover any of the shot bullets. And they have not failed to bring down Dear or Hogs up to 400 lbs.

But that don´t mean a lot when it comes to a Service Round it should have been Completely tested in the Lab before being sent to the Battle Line and putting our sons at more risk with a cartridge that is not known to Work.

BUT THEN AGAIN WHEN HAS THE MILITARY DONE WHAT MADE SENCE? Remember the M-16 M1? A great design if they had followed the design.

And the 5.56 can NEVER have the same STOPING POWER as the 7.62 using the same bullet design.
No matter what anyone says.


Anonymous said...

Out of my assortment of possible battle rifles, I have to say my M1 Garand would be my first "GO TO" weapon. Therefore I have on hand more ammo for it than any other. They need to drop the 223 in the Afgan conflict ASAP. .02

Anonymous said...

Looks like our Marines are being asked to take more than one kind of wienie these days. Hopefully one won't be needed on the other.

Anonymous said...

All the wailing and moaning about not having the lead/fragmenting cannelure falls on deaf ears as long as we continue still give our colonial troops the 5.56 Poodle.

Since when is manufacturing a bunch more AP/penetrating ammo for the surplus market (eventually) a bad thing?

Pericles said...

The Marines never wanted the M16 either...........

parabarbarian said...

I understand your anger. The military has been testing new technologies at the expense of enlisted men for a long time. I imagine most threepers are at least vaguely familiar with the problems of the M-16 in Viet Nam. Even the legendary M1 Garand had problems with the early production models such as the seventh round jam and a rear sight the wouldn't hold its elevation. In 1952 some of the about 8,000 American GI's participating in Operation Tumbler-Snapper were less than four miles from a 31 Kt detonation (Charlie test) and then ordered to march _toward_ the cloud.

Those are just examples of stuff that's publicly known. There are rumors of even worse things.

Treating people like lab rats is part and parcel of collectivist thinking. If the collectivists were willing to expose their own troops to an atomic explosion in 1952, what do you think they are willing to do now? Personally I see no evidence they've become more considerate in the last 60 years.

Defender said...

At least its core is no longer a metal we'd have to buy from CHINA.
But have you seen the price of copper lately? People are getting blown up trying to steal copper gas piping from foreclosed houses, and electrocuted dismantling heat pumps.
Lead. Comes from the ground. Put it back in the ground, it stays where you put it. The envirowackos will cost the lives of good people.

Dakota said...

Absolutely correct Pericles .... the Marines hated the M16 and fought tooth and nail to keep their M14s. I have talked to several about that subject.

The weapons system is OK it is the caliber that sucks big time. I had big hopes that the military would convert to the 6.5 over the 6.8 and do away with the 22 forever. No such luck I guess.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that gas pipe was a coated iron, not copper. And that the copper pipe was for inbound plumbing / water. But if there are fools enough out there that want to mistake one for the other, I guess that's one way for Mother Nature to clean out the shallow end of the gene pool.

B Woodman

Witchwood said...

I hate to say it, but I wouldn't be too upset about the military using a less-than-effective round. Someday those rounds might be fired at you.