Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maybe because he is?

55 Percent of Likely Voters Find ‘Socialist’ an Accurate Label of Obama. Most interesting is who did the poll.


Anonymous said...

So the other 45% have no clue, it seems.

Dennis308 said...

ONLY 55% see Obumass for what he is.
Oh well, that ain´t to bad. I´m sure the most of the people who paricipated in the poll are Liberals at best.
So now 55% of the Demacreaps and 95% of the Repugnicans see Obumas for what he is. Looks like people are finally maybe waking up.


Brandon S. Gray said...

polling the masses is pointless, anyway. your average american is a fascist, not true even 20 or 30 years ago, but true today

sofa said...

Socialist? No.
America hating muslim Communist? Yes.

Anonymous said...

DB, the other 45% beleive that he isn't socialist enough!

sofa said...

actually... lees 'communist', more 'Facist'.

He is happy to have a mix of mobbed up 'private owners' who owe and are extended favors, mixed in with government owned industries run by apartchiks and Czars.

Anonymous said...

Debating whether BHO is communist or fascist plays into the hands of our enemies. They would like people to believe there is a difference between communism and fascism. There isn't. Both are brands of collectivism, the dogma that groups have rights that supersede the rights of individuals. In practice this always means that individuals are enslaved for the benefit of the political elites that claim to represent the group. Widespread ignorance of the identical nature of communism and fascism serves our enemies, since they then can claim to favor a compromise between the two, which in reality turns out to be nothing different from what either would have led to in the first place. Halfway between two identical points on a map is--the same point. And the leftist cliche that communist and fascist regimes tend to fight with each other is just tinsel. Rival mafia families fight with each other, too--that doesn't make one less ruthless or violent than the other.

When I talk about BHO, I refer to him as a collectivist.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put Dave.

Anonymous said...

You really think that the obamatards answered those questions honestly? Nah. It's hard to admit your adored one is something to be despised. Nah...Reduce that 45% down to about 18% and that is only because they don't know what "Socialist" means.

Anonymous said...

Some of them might think that "socialist" is a "good" thing.

Anonymous said...

The 55% that think he's socialist, are the ones that voted for him.
The rest of us think he's a commie.
But, as Dave pointed out. There really isn't any differents....mthead III

Defender said...

People think this way:
"But I voted for Obama. I supported his gun control agenda and his mandatory health insurance agenda and all his other agendas. So it's not fair to fine ME. I can't AFFORD health insurance right now, I've been out of work for over a year. There's no need to search my house."
Government agent: "Sez you." And bulls past him into the home.

sofa said...

Actually, I have found that discussions comparing 'facism' vs 'socialism' vs 'communism' tends to draw in folks to the discussion - At first they may not make the connection with current events.

I have seen people 'startle' when they do make the connection; awakenning lifelong one party voters, and drawing them in to follow-on questions and discussions, and even nudging them to III'per blogs.

Agree we should not let our enemies force choices between evil and more evil. Also think that talking about the labels and histories of various philosophies, that it brings more people into the side of liberty. Once they start thinking about the Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and comparing 'facism' vs 'socialism' vs 'communism' - we win converts.