Monday, July 12, 2010

Lord help us, but what could possibly be the excuse for THIS?!?

West Pointer executed by jumpy Nevada local terror agents of the state.


Joe III said...

I worked in Vegas for 2 years. My impression is Las Vegas Metro makes Murder Inc. look like a bunch of amateurs. Reading the Vegas papers I think they shoot/kill someone at least once a week.

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse, it's just Metro PD being their usual asshat selves! A couple of years back, the state legislature passed a pre-emption bill that killed many of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Boulders highly restrictive gun laws. Confrontations between carriers and the PD have been an ongoing problem since. Costco has a company 'no guns' policy, and somebody there evidently called the PD.

Taylor H said...

God Almighty...please show us a light in this darkness...not another Oscar Grant

III more than them said...

Some LEOs are so damned concerned about their own safety that no possible threat, real or imagined, can be allowed..... even if it means shooting with civies around.

Holy freakin' cow

Justin said...

Wow. Just, wow.

I wonder what STARPP assets are waiting to be recovered there?

Defender said...

One call does it all. If you're known to exercise your rights, a report that you're "causing a disturbance" could get you iced.
That's murder.
Even if he DID something upsetting to others, he was LEAVING the place. I'm reminded of a Virginia man who was followed by police on suspicion of drunk in public, and they pulled him over AT THE GATE TO HIS OWN PROPERTY (which, if I remember correctly, he had reached without incident) and tried to arrest him. Ended up being shot dead. The threat to the public, if any, was over. It was an example for people who question Authoratay.
Did they demand to see ID and then shoot him when he reached for his wallet? Did they interpret his raising his hands when told to as "a furtive, hostile gesture"?
Cowards, or worse.

Skip said...

The Only Ones. Again.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE wearing a badge is your friend. Not one of them can be trusted. They will lie and pervert the law and their authority always. The stinkin' judiciary is right there backing them up.


GunRights4US said...

I look on ANY contact with ANY law enforcement as potentially deadly - no matter the circumstances of that contact. Watch the hands. At all times, watch the hands. My personal safety trumps officer safety at all times.

Anonymous said...

"Attorney David Amesbury said he arrived in time to see shoppers leaving. He described the customer exodus as being 'like the aftermath of Disneyland.'

"A customer told Amesbury that he couldn't go in, so the attorney waited on a bench west of the entrance. He said he had a clear view of two officers standing beside the entrance with their guns drawn."

It seems the decision to shoot had already been made prior to contact with the suspect.

Perhaps the police had cause to fear for their safety but there are worse things than being shot--and shooting an innocent man is one of them.


Anonymous said...

I dont know what is more sad this event or the comments left on the news story. The very number of folks who lick the boots of the PD, the number of idiots who question his right to carry, the number of slaves who feel no need to question the events as described and place the blame squarly on the CCW holder.
The fall out from this should be that whomever called 911 from COSTCO should be required to answer for their actions. If they reported that something had happened when in fact it was simply someone seeing him print or inadvertently show his carry gun, they should be held accountable for reporting a crime that did not occur. That would be a simple annoyance if the guy just got jammed up at the door by the PD and once he was stopped showed his permit and been allowed to be on his way. It will be a civil lawsuit if it was something more.
I will watch this case closely because I shop and carry at COSTCO.


EMWONAY said...

Its funny how these cops get worshiped for being the "bravest among us" and are always making "sacrifices for us".

They are the most easily frightened and paranoid people in our society. They are scared of their own shadow. The only sacrifices I see them making is to the State every time they off a citizen.

Anonymous said...

There must have been a half dozen cameras on the area where this took place, I know our local walmart has more cameras than the state pen.

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

No excuses offered - OR NEEDED in the area where it happened, apparently.

Perfect example of pigs in action. And they'll likely get away with it. The presumption is always that the LEO is telling the truth - witnesses to the contrary be damned!

Somebody PLEASE tell me those guys hadn't taken the pledge at Oath Keepers.

Bad Cyborg

Doc Enigma said...

Another hit 'to be absorbed'...the count is going up quickly.

Each time something like this occurs, the PTB increase our 'moral high ground'.

These actions will not stand long...there will be a reckoning, in this life or the next...

Anonymous said...

They were following procedure in having the "suspect" clear the building, prior to any confrontation. Obviously an advantage to them and an improvement in the public safety factors.

Now the real questions.

Does Costco sound like a place where violent crime and police shoot 'em ups normally happen? No, business owners and families and "normal" people shop there.

Does the "suspect" sound like a typical cop killing criminal to you? Does he have the same profile as someone who would be engaged in such an activity? No.

Did somebody make a mistake and shoot somebody they shouldn't have? The odds are they did.

Will there be a cover up and tap dancing of star quality? No tickets will be sold but it will be a performance to remember.

The chances are that he was one of us and now he's gone. Another gold star on the board. Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

This I fully agree with!

"NO ONE wearing a badge is your friend. Not one of them can be trusted. They will lie and pervert the law and their authority always. The stinkin' judiciary is right there backing them up."

Billy Beck said...

I am convinced: I know exactly what happened here.

This is the wages of Endarkenment, kids.

Anonymous said...

After reading the newspaper article, I think it's highly likely that Billy Beck is exactly right. This looks like remote-controlled murder by cop.

Anonymous said...

Given that the police car cam footage and the Costco security camera footage has not surfaced, my guess is that both are quite the officers and Costco staff.

It's possible that this guy was having a bad day, and was taking it out on the "packaging" of the steel bottles he was putting into his cart, but that's no reason to execute him. Too bad his movements flashed his gun to a moron who panicked.

This is why I carry a smaller automatic with me, in my pocket. Nothing to print, nothing that will be revealed if I'm reaching for a item on a high shelf and my shirt rides up.

I don't abuse merchandise, I treat it well because it ain't mine yet.

I also ignore the "No Guns" signs, and will only act to defend myself if a criminal attempts to kill me or another innocent.