Sunday, July 11, 2010

Interesting use of motorcycle engine noise to achieve a psychological break point.

My thanks to Tina for forwarding this, which I had missed at the time.

I don't know for sure what Quanell X had in mind for this media-event demonstration, but I doubt this was it.

Quanell X, for the uninitiated, is the convicted drug dealer and Houston leader of the New Black Panther Party. He is a guy who was expelled from the Nation of Islam for being "too violent" and is quoted as saying:

"I say to Jewish America: Get ready … knuckle up, put your boots on, because we're ready and the war is going down. … The real deal is this: Black youth do not want a relationship with the Jewish community or the mainstream white community or the foot shuffling, head-bowing, knee bobbing black community. … All you Jews can go straight to hell."

Another noted Quanell X oration:

"[I]f you feel that you just got to mug somebody because of your hurt and your pain, go to River Oaks and mug you some good white folks. If you’re angry that our brother is put to death, don’t burn down your own community, give these white folks hell from the womb to the tomb."

The video link above is from his rally against Joe Horn on 2 December 2007. From Wikipedia:

Quanell X led a rally in front of the Pasadena, Texas, home of Joe Horn on December 2, 2007. Horn had shot and killed two men - Hernando Riascos Torres (aka Miguel Antonio DeJesus) and Diego Ortiz, illegal aliens and members of a burglary and fake ID ring from Colombia. The pair had broken into a neighbor's house. Horn, against repeated requests of the 911 operator not to confront the burglars, exited his home to confront them. On the 911 tapes Horn exclaims, "Move, and you're dead", followed by three shotgun blasts.

Quanell X, who thought the shootings may have been racially motivated, approached Horn's house to speak to the media. He was overwhelmed by several hundred counter-protesters protecting Horn from Quanell X's accusations. The crowd of counter-protesters included bikers revving their motorcycles, many of them chanting, "USA," "Go home," and "We love our country; what do you love?" while waving placards, Texas flags, and US flags. Quanell X could not be heard over the noise, even when using a bullhorn, and left the area about eight minutes later. He returned soon after with more supporters and attempted to speak again, but the counter-protests continued. Riot police were readied in case of violence between the two groups. Quanell X believed that because Horn was white and not black, he was not prosecuted (even though at the time the District Attorney had not made a ruling). On June 25, 2008 the case was sent to a grand jury to decide whether or not Horn should go to trial. The grand jury relocated due to death threats, Quanell X did not take responsibility for them. On June 30, Horn was cleared by a Harris County Grand Jury in the deaths of Ortiz and Diego. Quanell eventually made a speech on another street away from Horn's house. The speech included chants of "black power" and the exhortation for blacks to ignore "white law." On June 30, 2008 a Harris County grand jury cleared Horn in the Pasadena shootings after two weeks of testimony.

One thing is clear from the video. The psychological break point in the initial incident came when the NBPP activists were treated to the high-decibel revving of motorcycle engines. Between the crowd of Joe Horn's neighbors and the bikers, Quanell X was drowned out as effectively as if he was holding his "press conference" behind the firing line at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot when the range is hot.


GunRights4US said...

Eventually... this stuff is gonna turn ugly and spill over. Polarization of the population of former United States proceeds at a faster and faster rate. What happens when Leviathan formalizes (by hook or by crook) it's already de facto policy of open borders and open arms? That's a strictly rhetorical question of course. We already know.

Anonymous said...

Yet another "community activist" who actively attempts to destroy community. These bozos, like some of their comrades in the New Black Panther group, are spewing racist hate venom and appear to want a race war. They should be ignored but they will likely be successful in their goal after the economy implodes. However, these fools will get a lot of people - both innocents and guilty - killed. In the end these idiots will ultimately be killed off but at a very high price of good guys (of all races and colors) and innocents (of all races and colors).

DB said...

How unoriginal. This guy is a joke, he is even dressed like Malcolm X! Seems he has a serious lack of imagination and a copycat complex.

dmurray said...

I stand corrected by your video for once I did not believe and now I see that, "Loud pipes save lives."

Dakota said...

Great piece of video and great that neighbors and patriots showed up to silence the hate mongers of the "black power" pinheads.

THe time is rapidly approaching when shots will ring out at one of these things and then it will be interesting to see how a racist POTUS and Attorney General handle it.

Legal Alien said...

Anon @ 7:29am
"However, these fools will get a lot of people - both innocents and guilty - killed. In the end these idiots will ultimately be killed"

This can be stopped short, if 'these fools/idiots' are targeted first and removed from the equation.

Just saying

pdxr13 said...

The wanna-be Malcolm-X's should find a time machine to get back to where they might have been relevant: almost 50 years ago. They have descended to being "Klan With a Tan", which would be funny except for the felonies and bothering decent folk.

If they bothered to read the relevant biographies of the various sides of the 1920's to mid-1960's US Civil Rights Movement, they would slink back to their holes in shame. It bothers me that race/color/ethnic quotas have replaced merit and performance, especially in testing for career civil service jobs. Wasn't Civil Rights Movement s'posta be about "equal rights" and "equal opportunity", or is it always going to be "I got some for me and mine"?

Good on the unmuffled motorcycle riders for providing a din.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet you wish Joe Horn had been there to shoot them, huh, Mikey? Or perhaps that the thug bikers (I wonder how many of them have criminal convictions like the one you use to discount the opinions of those you dislike?) would get out some of that hemp you like so much?

Don't look now, Mikey, your pointy Klan hat is showing.

Walter said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, start something. Come on punk, PLEASE! We're askin' you nice, please stop talking and do it! Unless you're just a punk, then just shut up.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Bunch of racist redneck tea-baggers abusing the poor, innocent black man!


Of course, we all realize that if this were to happen today, Dear Reader would probably send the National Guard to arrest all the white-folk for violating Ghetto-boy's "civil rights" -- right?

I've got to say - I don't think I've ever been more proud of my fellow Americans. Vermin like this have come to control the dialog because (1) we grant courtesy they don't deserve and (2) the lap-dog media give them the soap-box.

It's time we get BACK to the place where words have consequences. It's time we stop letting vermin like this spout their hate without challenge.

This video should be studied -- it needs to go viral,and be used as a tactical demonstration to be repeated at every available opportunity...


WV: "Boarazoo" -- no comment...

Anonymous said...

We don't have an enemy. We have enemies. And in turn, for the most part, each one of those enemies are our enemies enemy.

Our goal is to survive the first die-off.

Dennis308 said...

Anon; you are not referring to the neighbors are you.(as bozos racists)
Joe Horn shot the two burglars(they just happen to be Brown)that broke into a Neighbors Home. I live very near Brownsville,TX and I do have some neighbors just like Joe(and some of them have brown skin). And I´m glad I do They will watch my place when I´m not there as I will watch Theirs while they are not there. So if ANY burglar thinks they want to come into my neighborhood and STEEL from Me or my Neighbors, I do advise against it. No Matter What The Color of Their Skin Is You won´t like the reception.
This Quanell Thought he could go into a Neighborhood like mine and confront one of the neighbors and call him Racist,Bigot or what ever the flavor of the day is. But he got the same reception that anybody would get No Matter what color their skin is. And actually I didn´t hear to many people using any ethnic slurs because of all the Bike Engines.
And furthermore the RACE issue is a tool that is being used by the progressive/socialist/collectivist whatever the flavor of the day is that is being used to keep US divided and fighting against each other instead of working to restore the American Dream. The dream that all Men are created equal that we all have the right to Liberty......etc.
And also this Quanell is NO Different that KKK or Skinheads just because he hates JEWS and WHITE PEOPLE.
From my point of view the people that are using the race issue use it their own advantage when they really don´t have any legitimate point to make.


Defender said...

I've seen his face before... in most police mug shots. Droopy eyelids and not much going on behind those eyes.
Quanell needs a job, and to do something CONSTRUCTIVE for the community he claims to care about. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, deliver meals to shut-ins. OK, BLACK shut-ins if he must.
It is a testament to the overwhelmingly peace-loving and law-abiding nature of the people he condemns that he's able to walk around spouting his hate speech.
As for "unoriginal," you got that right. He echoes Jesse Jackson (Remember "Heimeytown"?), and don't even get me started on Jeremiah Wright.
Or is he crazy like a fox? More crime and violence leads to more gun control and leaning on civil liberties of all kinds. Only criminals like him live free. Is government PAYING him as an official spokesperson?

Anonymous said...

Did I actually SEE one of those NBPP moonbats giving the NAZI "seig heil" at about the 4:45 mark?
And THEY have the audacity of calling non-melanin-enriched people "racists"!

B Woodman

W W Woodward said...

Quanell X - ???? Black Panther, Huh?

So … If he plays his cards right, in 40 years he too can be a member of the House of Representatives where he can introduce cockamamie bills to ban guns and motorcycles.


Witchwood said...

Don't look now, Mikey, your pointy Klan hat is showing.

That's funny. Mike goes out of his way (much to my chagrin) to reach out to black people, and still he gets called a racist. He can't win.

And that goes for the rest of us as well. We'll get called racist just for Breathing While White, owning guns, etc. Get used to it.

My advice to Anon@8:24 is this: keep it up. Keep abusing the word and soon enough it simply won't mean anything. It's lost most of its meaning already.

Pat H. said...

The NBPP either is or will align itself with La Raza and MEChA. They have Jesse Jackson's frequent defense of and association with various organized criminal gangs made up of persons of "color".

We're (America and Americans) being invaded now, there are already more than 15 million foreign troops on our soil with at least one million more troops arriving each year.

Do we Americans have the fortitude to fight this as suggested by Francis Porretto Mini-Manifesto?

One wonders.

Ahab said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just make you want to sell all your ammo and guns and by farm implements?

Anonymous said...

Jackasses like Quanell should do some math before they start spouting off that they want "war with whitey." If he DID do the math, he'd realize that his side is WAY outnumbered and outgunned! But the shame is, as some have already said, is that when fools like that start stuff, innocents get caught in the crosshairs.