Friday, July 2, 2010

Emboscada: What a civil war looks like. An insignificant incident on a Mexican highway.

"War means fightin' and fightin' means killin'." -- Nathan Bedford Forrest.

News item for 14 June 2010.

10 Mexican federal police killed in attack

The Associated Press

Monday, June 14, 2010 | 10:20 a.m.

Ten federal police officers were killed Monday after being attacked by unidentified gunmen near a vocational high school in western Mexico.

The officers were returning from a patrol when they came under fire from the gang in the city of Zitacuaro in western Michoacan state, the federal Public Safety Department said in a statement.

An unspecified number of officers were wounded in the attack and were taken to hospitals in Mexico City and the Michoacan state capital, Morelia, for treatment, the statement said. Several assailants were also killed or wounded, but officials did not provide an exact number.

Brutal drug-gang violence has swept Michoacan, a state known for its picturesque colonial capital, beaches and Monarch butterfly sanctuary. The state is a stronghold of La Familia, a cartel known for beheading its rivals and staging bold attacks on government security forces.

Reuters reported: "Gunmen used a heavy truck to block a highway in the Western state of Michoacan and opened fire on a federal police convoy."

My thanks to KD for forwarding the sobering yet instructive photos below of an "emboscada" (ambush) -- an insignificant incident in a much wider civil war. Insignificant, except to the dead men and their families. It is easy to sit behind a keyboard in our clean, safe homes and and beat the drum for immediate gunfire against an enemy that is destroying the Republic in front of our faces. It is quite another thing to see, hear, smell and yes, taste, the aftermath of such gunfire and all the many tragedies and sorrows it brings.

The men lying in grotesque shapes below were killed by savage thugs fighting for the right to carry on their criminal enterprise without restraint. They were keened over by their grieving mothers, wives, and daughters before being shoveled into the ground. Their sacrifice has already been forgotten by the larger world.

The AP story above says that "Several assailants were also killed or wounded, but officials did not provide an exact number." This is likely a falsehood, just another example of the old body count syndrome. They don't want to admit that they got their clocks cleaned, so they lie.

But for all those who keep calling for immediate gunfire against the Regime, I offer these pictures as a cautionary note. Bedford Forrest was right, war means fighting and fighting means killing, and nothing is the same afterward.

For those of you who, like me, are reluctant to violence but steeled to its likely onset given a predatory and rapacious Leviathan, I offer these photos as a tactical instruction. Observe the terrain, the key features, the forensic clues left by the emboscada.

May God grant that such scenes never become commonplace in our country, but if they do, let Him grant us the will and the wisdom to win and make the slaughter worth something when stacked against the bloody sacrifice.



ranamacar said...

May I also suggest that readers notice that the magic ninja suits and M-16's didn't protect these lawmen. I'm not trying to belittle their sacrifice, but I do want to draw attention to the fact that they are just men no matter what they wear or carry.
Looking at the patterns of bullet holes on the vehicles, I don't see evidence of heavy weapons like machine guns or RPGs.
"What good is a pistol....." indeed. Tactics will beat toys every time.


Slobyskya Rotchakokov said...

Grim reminders, yes, but I fail to be choked up; cops tend toward being corrupt bullies, wherever you go, and Mexican cops are even worse than US and UK cops in the blatant 'only one-ness' that they show... so, as far as we know, these lads may have been on their way back from shooting a kid's dogs, like they do in Michigan, gunning down a woman defending her home, or tazing a bedridden grandmother.
The way I see it, whichever side came out on top, it was win / win.
I wouldn't have felt that way many years ago, but now in the era of Only Ones doing their master's bidding, I care not a whit.

The photos might also prove cautionary to the next set of US SturmenSWATTEN who go out to murder citizens, kick in doors or kill defenseless dogs... your crimes will find you out, and you are not safe. When you kill the Rule of Law, then you have no protection to hide behind.

kenlowder said...

It doesn't look like body armor did well. I see dead federales but no dead druggies, enough said. You are right that a civil war will require fighting and death. Please tell that to the Texas Nationalist Movement and that stupid politician, rick perry. These folks, even Debra Madina just think obuma et al. will just let us peacefully go.


Witchwood said...

It is right to learn, even from the enemy. --Ovid

I would also recommend searching out footage from the Chechen War for pointers on asymmetrical warfare. The mujaheddin got into the habit of filming a lot of their more daring attacks.

I'd be interested in knowing what loadout the attackers were using.

Pat H. said...

kenlowder, the US government will have no choice but to "let us go", there won't be any money left to do otherwise.

I expect to see the USA divide into about four, perhaps five, autonomous or fully sovereign regions or countries. Some states may secede on their own and not affiliate with others, but in most cases some type confederacy of states with like minded people in them will form.

As far as the dead "federal police" are concerned, well, from my perspective they're just dead members of the largest criminal gang in Mexico, just like the US government police are here. Without drug prohibition those criminal drug cartels would have little or no power, government bans have empowered them.

Anonymous said...

A quick survey of the area's topology is instructive.

In the interests of economy, the bridge overpass spans a narrow defile, which pinches together the traffic below and eliminates room for a freeing maneuver by the forces being attacked.

Additionally, the bridge permits observation of traffic from four directions and allows entry/escape for the attackers from two.

This ambuscade was well-planned and executed, as the grim results show.


Anonymous said...

WTF happened to that M16? Did it just blow up from some sort of ammo malf?

I Am Spartacus said...

When was the last time we saw this kind of thing? Oh, yes. Alcohol prohibition. Then the violence suddenly dropped off after the repeal of alcohol prohibition. "The War on Alcohol" didn't work too well, either.

Walter said...

Most here in the US are conditioned by TV and movies to see death as an abstract. Here, obviously, the depictions have some shock effect. It is indeed grim to walk the scene of an ambush, looking at the crimson streams running from the dead and dying.

Should civil war come, the carnage will shock some, horrify some, cause grief among the survivors and the families of the dead. It will cause some to give up the cause because they cannot withstand the shock.

And it will create in a few, perhaps three percent, a grim determination to see the contest through.

TPaine said...

More Border violence, all BGs

'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

The photos show that the Federales are still treating the conflict with the drug gangs as a crime, not a war. Also, if the helicopter shown had provided an over-watch for the patrol rather than being used to fly the dead and wounded out, the ambush might have been avoided all together.

The Mexican government refuses to deal with what is happening, preferring their illusions to reality. Rather like the US.

Toaster 802 said...

It does piss me off to no end when some mall ninja's and blow hards talk about killing like it is some sort of video game. You are taking the life of another human being, with feelings, joys, families. Only sociopaths can kill without any remorse. Or in an off hand, flippant manner.

But you know what? when it is me vs them, They have made the choice to be on the wrong side of the issue, therefore put themselves in the position of harm. I will not kill except in defense of myself, my family, our home, and in preservation of my country, and the liberty and freedom enshrined therein. The enemy has decided to try to harm me for the reason of profit, personal gain, a paycheck and a pension, a desire to impose tyranny or point of view upon me at my personal expense. And to do so with violence requires me to respond with such force nessesary for them to leave me the hell alone. I will not trouble my heart or shed a tear over those who do not understand that.

I will go to my appointment at the judgement seat with a clean soul and a happy heart, because Christ has no issue with those who act within self preservation and in defense of good in the face of evil.

Anonymous said...

They better legalize drugs or they are not going to have a country pretty soon.

Taylor H said...

It is good that war is terrible, lest we become too fond of it.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the “War on Drugs” is more profitable for the tyrants than was the war on alcohol.
Or those tyrants who are profiting from today’s prohibition wars just have absolutely no conscience what so ever. No amount of killing and other problems that these unjust prohibition wars create is incentive for them to stop.
Those getting killed to protect the tyrants profits……………..well if they continue to wage unjust wars on folks who are only criminals because some damned government tyrants made them criminals…………………some of them are going to get killed.
I care not what anybodies opinion is about drugs, druggies, or drug dealers. This is a government created problem, period.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what is your news source for this photographed coverage? I just did a search and the first ten American news sources are all politically correct cleansed version, sanitizing the news which unfortunately will not shock the general reading public as to how serious this issue is. Thanks for the shocker on this matter. I wonder what shattered the AR.

Anonymous said...

Well planned ambush. Enemy had the high ground and even carried away the dead and wounded. Speaks volumes.

aughtsix said...

Slobyskya Rotchakokov:

Exactly. Couldn't add a thing to that, or agree more.

I will say that a fight between those who wish to restore this Nation's rightful heritage and leave a legacy of Liberty to our children, and to the world, and the usurpers who would destroy the Nation, is not to be compared to a gang war in a thugocracy.

Death in a war such as we are already in is the unfortunate consequence of good men having to defeat evil. There is a higher order of moral calling here than the war between oligarchs/cartels.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.

John Stuart Mill



Anonymous said...

The next Civil War in this country, the next American Revolution, will be the most awful, bloody, violent, destructive insurgency that the world has ever seen.

It will be family member against family member.

It will be old friend against old friend.

It will be neighbor against neighbor.

Do some reading about the psychotic, brutal situation in southern Missouri around 1864.

Take that image of roving bands of bushwhackers with necklaces of human scalps and ears, and magnify it by millions more, with modern firearms, and electronics, and IED's and ability to move cross country with modern vehicles.

It will NOT be limited to muscle-chested heroes of freedom taking on the evil jackboots in nifty little ambushes.

Babies will die. Children will die, and die in horrible awful ways.

It will be beyond your wildest imagination in how bloody and destructive and awful, and full of betrayals and lies and deceptions it will be.

aughtsix said...

Mike, I read your post a little more completely.

"May God grant that such scenes never become commonplace in our country, but if they do, let Him grant us the will and the wisdom to win and make the slaughter worth something when stacked against the bloody sacrifice."

Amen and Amen.

I do so pray.



Matt said...

I am immensely curious as to what blowed up that M4 real good. Did a round hit it? Did a cartridge blow up with the bolt out of battery?

If I were the one setting the emboscada, I would put at least one or two men at the top of the rock face at the right edge of the first photo. If the road drops off beyond that guard rail, or even if it doesn't, it would be next to impossible to assault that position without climbing gear. Perhaps a vehicle stopped with the appearance of a flat being changed could be used as the escape method/cover from those passing by before the big show.

Also, why no RPG evidence? If I could bribe/borrow/steal from the corrupt national army, I would try to lay my hands on at least one RPG for the first truck in the convoy; if two were available there would be one for the end truck as well.

Not that RPGs would have had a different end result, given that they were essentially in a canyon. But it would have definitely sent a message.

monkeyfan said...

As much as I hate the narcotraficantes, they sure set up a doozy of an ambush site. The Federales didn't have a chance.

Someone knows their shit.

Allen said...

it's definitely a good spot for an ambush. and the police should have spotted that beforehand.

a bend in the road (pic #5) followed by an overpass with overgrown high ground on both sides. (pic #1)

it looks like they focused on the driver/passenger and tires in both trucks instead of on the engines...this may have been because of a lack of heavy weapons that could reliably stop an engine, or it could be a lack of training.

I think you'll see the mexican police invest in run-flat tires. assuming the drivers had not been hit from the beginning of the ambush, they could have powered through it.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in El Salvador -- and lived through much of its civil war as a child.

Americans have no conception of what "savagery" is, nor of what man is capable of doing to man.

The only Americans that do are those who deployed to Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pray that these men and women remember their Oath. If they don't, the acts they will commit here (learned in foreign lands) against dissenters/insurgents, by order of this lawless government, will chill the blood of even the most hardened Patriot.

Anonymous said...

Slobyskya Rotchakokov said...July 2, 2010 4:42 AM:

My sentiments exactly....the same as yours.


Bad Cyborg said...

kenlowder said "a civil war will require fighting and death. Please tell that to the Texas Nationalist Movement and that stupid politician, rick perry. These folks, even Debra Madina just think obuma et al. will just let us peacefully go. "

I consider myself to be a "Texas Nationalist" (3rd generation Texan) and I do not for a moment expect the Feds to "just let us peacefully go. " My expectation is that any future attempt at secession will be met with essentially the same response as the one in the 1860s. One difference between what I expect to happen soon and what happened a century and a half gone is this will be part of a genuine civil war.

As Emmet told Mal in "Silverado", "It's gonna get mean!"

Sean said...

Seen it all before pal, and a lot more than that. And I helped make it that way. Lt. Spears talking to Pvt. Blythe, outside Carentan, sums it up for me. You still have hope. There is no hope. You have to accept the fact that you're already dead. And as soon as you do, you'll be able to function as a soldier should, without remorse, without pity, without compassion. All warfare depends on it. N'that there is the way it is with me. I don't scare easy, and I'm sick of this running crap. But by G*d, let's swerve and avoid that there Ft. Sumter coming our way and hold that there moral high ground. While our enemies laugh at us.

Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks for the elqoquent words. From the pics it appears to be a well laid out ambush. With terrain making escape from the kill zone very difficult to achieve. That federale, with his dick in the dirt, up against the steep dirt wall says alot. Stunned and confused, fire pouring in from the steep sides of that trough, and from both ends, those guys had nothing to do but die.....

In our arrogance, our ignorant and arrogant President claimed that our border could not be secured. As usual, he is wrong. If we do not have the will to secure our border, then we will have these criminals in our land, only to be joined by our slightly more established organized crime families, gangs and crews.

God help us all...

EMWONAY said...

Seems like a good location for their ambush too. Notice the high walls and no where to go. Also notice the groupings on the windshield. The passenger and driver were both targeted with well fairly well placed shots.

Body armor is no good. You can tag someone and it may stop it, but the person is going to have to collect themselves which makes follow up shots easier. And if you are shooting .308... Even easier.

I wonder how the body armor affected their ability to move and get out of the vehicle? I got a feeling that this ambush was a very well thought out, properly conducted ambush. I think they had the road blocked. There is no way that these police would have stopped in this location otherwise. They would have pushed through otherwise and not have gotten out.

I want it known that I am not supporting or sympathizing with either side, just admiring the work.

War sucks. Take a good long look at these dead men. You may someday have to do this to other people. Most of you are willing and able. But some need to realize the horrific nature of killing and ready themselves for it.


Anonymous said...

Feel for those mexicans. Looks like they died like dogs.

Interesting pattern left by 3 round burst. Also seems the drivers failed to keep a 200 meter interval in the convoy in an obviouse ambush point.

Hope that crap doesn't move north.

wl moses

Anonymous said...

I just want to know W-T-F happened to the M16 on the front seat??

B Woodman

pdxr13 said...

From the view of the Federales: We were driving down the road, a little too fast, believing that our overhead lights and Federal Insignia would provide enough authoritas to protect us from the Subjects. It always worked before. Pour me a cup of coffee from the thermos pot and pass me a glazed. We'll be back at HQ before 3:30 so we can get home to our wives children mistresses and a few cold brews to celebrate another day protecting the Republic. What's that truck doing on the road? (shots incoming) Oh sh-t! No exits, high walls, no cover except these unarmored pick-up's. Where are the shooters? Where is my carbine? S-P-O-R-T-S, sh-t! Where is my field dressing? Medic!

From the view of LaFamilia ambushers: There could be almost no better spot. We have high ground from both sides and the overpass. Their retreat is up a grade and wide open/coverless in a tight channel of the roadway. The walls are steep and without a hand or foothold. The canyon will restrict radio line-of-sight, so any nearby units will not hear a message and cellular phones are "out of service". Avenues of our escape are many, with the most dangerous job being the heavy truck driver. Heavy weapons are not required, as long as we have stopped them and disabled their vehicles. A team of 12 will be enough, armed with hunting rifles (or old .30 military rifles) and placed in pre-built hides on the left and right overlook and ready to support from the overpass. A team of 3 should be ready to make close contact after the shooting stops, to gather valuables, finish survivors, and burn the vehicles.

Most of what LaFamilia needs is patience and canteens of water. Their spotters will give them a couple minutes of notice and the site commander will decide what to do.

I bet that Federal control is much reduced by an incident like this because they will feel the need to travel in bigger convoys with armor (and maybe armed helicopters for high-value convoy). Of course, LaFamilia will just duck and not bother the M113's or MRAP's until they can get a solid countermeasure together. In the mean time, travel is expensive and restricted to convoy movement.

The Federals have to WIN. Insurgents only have to survive to fight again. When insurgents WIN a battle decisively, it's better than the Federals winning for a couple years. It's worth 100x the actual military value, especially if well-documented and video uploaded to foreign news sites immediately. Sounds familiar, huh?


EMWONAY said...

I guess I should have read the article before I commented. The road was blocked apparantly.


pdxr13 said...

Body armor that you can actually move around in MAY be effective against 9x19 from a carbine or any pistol round, but almost never against a rifle that you might shoot an elk with. Armor that can stop a 150 grain FMJ bullet fired from a $79 Mosin-Nagant (except for the tiny plate over the heart) is beastly stuff that ought to be powered and air conditioned.

The photos show a fantastic ambush zone. There was no escape, no cover, unarmored trucks that were immobilized, and high-ground shooting spots on 3 sides of the box. 20 guys would be taking almost no risk in an ambush of 1-5 unarmored vehicles. The guy driving the blocking truck would be in some danger, but he could run as soon as his job is done.

The loss of these men and their vehicles is not a crippling one to the Federales. What will be expensive is the loss of mobility for future travel. They will need to travel in convoys with at least one armored vehicle.

Insurgents don't have to win. They only have to survive to fight again later. When they do win a battle or an ambush, it's worth much more as promotion than the military value. Expect to see video uploaded of this and or future ambushes to let unhappy local people know how easily Federal Police die. This will have the effect of reducing the appeal to local young men of joining the Federal Police Forces and will make current officers want more money for doing the job.

Expect LaFamilia and other gangs to learn the lessons taught in Iraq and Afghanistan. #1 lesson: don't ever expose yourself to the sharpened spear of a high-tech military force. They will ID, target and destroy before you can shoulder a rifle or set an IED. Find soft targets for vandalism and keep at them when vulnerable, which will keep all OpFor on alert. Alert is expensive. Economic destruction is what will make the militarily-superior enemy leave. Have patience.


Vargr said...


It is not often one sees pictures such as these; certainly not in the mainstream media. They only show the aftermath of the aftermath, when the bodies have long been removed and only a few stubborn bloodstains remain.

The fallen federales do look pathetic in they crumbled death-poses.

I must confess I too fail to be moved by this pictures. Slobyskya 50/50 assessment is right on the money.

Maybe someone should enlarge these and set up a few billboards around the States. I suggest the following movie quote as a caption:


Anonymous said...

Well, obviously a swift L ambush without much defensive reaction from the victims. Training issues. They obviously had no clue of their surveillance and targeted status.

One could say that there are those among us in the same condition. Complacency is a hard lesson. Whoever the trigger pullers are, they obviously have little fear of retribution and intended this as a warning to other police and government personnel.

I never felt safe while in Mexico but usually the police there caused my unease. Mexico maybe in some trouble and we're right on their border with a commie in the White house and open access to our side.

Smince [III] said...

Interesting shot of the destroyed AR...did it suffer a kaboom or a direct hit to the mag well? The way the buffer tube is destroyed, the gas tube is flared, and the hand guard is coming out of the delta ring, it sort of looks like the former.

Alvie D. Zane said...

That's an impressive result. It appears that there were guys riding in the back. How you say, "riding shotgun" in Spanish? As they were stuck in the back of the truck and didn't make it out, I'm guessing that they didn't have the rifles at the ready either. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Slobyskya Rotchakokov said! Destroy the rule of law and lawlessness will rule!


Dakota said...

I am guessing .... the M16 took a 308 from one of those Argentine FN FALs at a critical point and the impact shattered the brittle aluminum perhaps as a round was being fired even.

Hell of an ambush ... would be great to be able to walk the area and see exactly how it was done.

III more than them said...

"....war means fighting and fighting means killing, and nothing is the same afterward."

THIS needs to be BURNED INTO each and every American's head, on all sides. You're right. Sitting behind a keyboard and proclaiming this and that is terribly easy. The reality of conflict is nothing like anything the average Joe has experienced. It is at once intensely personal, and widely ignored. Reports are made, but no one can create inside you afterward the conditions present in the heart of a survivor, either saint or demon.

Be ready? Sure.

Be eager? No. If you are, allow me to label you a fool.

It is a vastly superior thing to work until work is no longer possible, at the holy effort to reclaim the Founder's Republic through peaceful and effective means. Cutting to the chase is cutting your own throat.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting pattern left by 3 round burst. Also seems the drivers failed to keep a 200 meter interval in the convoy in an obviouse ambush point."

Lessons for BOTH sides.....

Hakluyt said...

Yes, the police do ride around in the back of those pickups. Makes for quick mount/dismount, but is VERY vulnerable. Which is why there was no need for RPGs.

Probably the most interesting aspect of this attack are the obvious bullet groupings in the windshields. This was not "spray and pray", but aimed, effective fire. There's no substitute for accuracy.

The war wanters should also consider the fact that in a war this could just as easily be THEM. One of the common weaknesses of green soldiers is the notion that they are invincible; after a few friends die this usually goes away, though.

The philosophy of open-carry as a way to disuade scumbags has application at the national, political level.

I pray we may never have need to exchange fire with ANYONE, but if we do, that God makes the righteous victorious.

Dan said...

And some traitors are actually opposed to sealing the border and pushing the gangs out. I may have to learn from this,as others pointed out, but I sure don't want drug gangs here.

Dedicated_Dad said...

The trucks had bench-seats in the back, and obviously at least two of the dead were riding on them.

Somehow I missed - until I just looked again - that there were a number of survivors - which sorta does away with the image of some going down to collect booty and finish the wounded.

I'm among those who are essentially unaffected by these images. I've seen too many similarly-attired thugs abusing grandmothers and kids, killing dogs and stomping cats...

I'd not condone any such action here - not until there's no other choice, which means "not yet, anyway" - but frankly if these were like many of ours... well... They reaped what they sowed. My pity is reserved for their families alone.

Does that make me sociopathic? I don't think so - mostly because I do have pity on anyone who suffers through no fault of their own. When vermin - of any species - die, it's a good thing IMHO.

Though I've never had to take a human life, I've seen more than my share of violent death. The two-year-old who died due to her parents' idiocy bothered me for ... Well, it's bothered me ever since, as did a number of innocent adults.

That said, I don't think a two-legged rat, cockroach or pig would cause me any more consternation than a 4, 6 or 4-legged one.

I'd guess the M-16 most likely took a hit and was then fired, causing a kaboom - I didn't see any signs of a weapon capable of destroying it that way.

One final thought that's been running through my mind since I first saw this: We know they lie about the "American guns" garbage. We know they lie about nearly everything else as well, especially to demonize their chosen "enemy."

Is it possible that the real "enemy" they're fighting are insurgents or in rebellion against the corrupt kleptocracy that passes for "government" in that third-world hell-hole?

What better way to demonize them than to accuse them of being drug-cartels, murderers and rapists?

Just a thought....


Dennis308 said...

A couple of days ago there was another ambush of a candidate for Governor of the State of Tamaulipas in Mexico.The border state to eastern Texas same kind of circumstance with 6 dead and 4 wounded.For the most part these men were unarmed.That made the news down here in the Rio Grand Valley(KRVG-TV).We get Mexican Cable Channels in my house,we are a bilingual family not uncommon in southern Texas.
But what I´m really commenting about this time,is that there are a few of us here that have seen combat action,I´m not one of those that have seen military action. I have seen men,friends get shot and been in a couple of incidents that I won´t go into ANY detail over.
If you go to a couple of other
3%er sites you can find pictures of me and how I look is pretty much how I used to be. There are some who have not heard men scream in pain or held a brother in their arms while they Die and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. These things HURT and HURT BAD.
But if I have to make a choice, and I already have.To live in Servitude or be Free and my Children and Grand-Children to Live Free or live in that same Servitude.Then I WILL RETURN to those terrible days,and do what I´m afraid will have to be done. Not Because it´s something I want but Because the People that would Try to Enslave me and mine to what they think is best,or how it should be done or what is right or fair. HAVE NOT SEEN THESE TERRIBLE THINGS.And don´t know what it is that THEY are pushing us to.
I don´t cry out for a ¨Civil War¨ but have come to accept that one is on it´s way and have prepared myself as much as I can to face these things that Will Happen if I want them to or not.


Anonymous said...

This is meant for whomever it is meant for. Someone, somewhere, is laughing at you and dripping with dark sarcasm. It is one thing to look into the abyss, quite another to step into it. Until then, it is nothing more than oohs and awes and best left unsaid.

Witchwood said...

It does piss me off to no end when some mall ninja's and blow hards talk about killing like it is some sort of video game. You are taking the life of another human being, with feelings, joys, families. Only sociopaths can kill without any remorse. Or in an off hand, flippant manner.

While I certainly appreciate where you're coming from, meditating on the humanity of the enemy is a sure-fire way to turn a soldier/insurgent into a combat-ineffective basket case. I think this attitude, which is part and parcel of the "winning hearts and minds" doctrine in Iraq and Afghanistan, is responsible for the majority of PTSD cases from those wars. "Your enemy wants to live a long and happy life, and watch his children grow up and prosper. Now go kill him."

No one in their right mind wants a shooting war, but in the event of one our commitment must be total. Throughout history men have killed without a second thought and without hesitation. Alexander assembled some of the most efficient killers around, as did Charlemagne, Robert Rogers and Louis Botha. Were they all sociopaths? Hardly. They simply understood what war required of them. A hardening of the heart is not the same as a psychotic indifference to human suffering.

This is instructive, especially the armor-defeating charge at 1:23.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad thing to see, but as we all know, these are the same guys who 2 hours before were probably shaking down civilians and trying to pinch a few pesos on the side.
As DD just said, how do we know what the true story is down there. For months on end we keep seeing Hillary going down and meeting with the Mex gov't and giving them more guns and equipt,(a little US drug running involvement too?) Can't build a good wall or that would slow down the drug flow. I think we're supporting the wrong mafia bosses. Yes, some of the giant drug cartels are involved here, but how do we know that it's not any different than our own prohibition days. Or the common people standing up to the gov't mafia and then being labeled drug lords vs. gov't?
I doubt any of our Ninja boys will take a lesson from this, their arrogance is astounding. They'll have to learn first hand from a 7.62mm flashhider.
0321 Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

What struck me as really odd is that none of the Federales vehicles had a machine gun mounted up top. I've seen rigs that have down in Baja, so why not here? It almost looks like these Federales weren't taking La Familia seriously.
The ambush was well thought out with a very good kill ratio from the front all the way to the back of the convoy. The Federales had the sense to try to get out and get away from the vehicles, but there was just no place to run.
Quite a few of the drug cartels have soldados that have been trained by the U.S. Army and really know their stuff. These pics prove it and are a warning as to what we might see in our border states before too long.

Anonymous said...

Why the surprise at the M-4 pieces? Considering the job a decent rifle does on steel plate, what other outcome can there be when a relatively flimsy aluminum casting is hit?

Toaster 802 said...

No one in their right mind wants a shooting war, but in the event of one our commitment must be total. Throughout history men have killed without a second thought and without hesitation.

Witchwood, I want to thank you for filling out the hole in my earlier post.

The difference I was having trouble making was the flippant TV induced attitude towards killing and the attitude of the Warrior. The first one cheers death without the true knowledge of what death is and how if effects the killee, the killer, and other people in the killee's life. The way of the warrior is survival. Both physically and mentally. When you know your cause is just, when you know your enemy deserves what is coming to him, It protects your humanity and your sanity.

“Live as a man. Die as a man. Become a man.”

Enson Inoue

Anonymous said...

War means fighting, and fighting means killing. Killing also means death for the loser, so remember to do your cardio!

Yes, stock up on guns, ammo, gear, and food... and work on your marksmanship...

BUT QUIT SMOKING, TRIM UP, AND START RUNNING. This shit is serious, so get serious.

You aren't worth a damn if you can't maneuver for the advantage. If you can't haul ass, you'll be the one face down in the dirt.

Wabano said...

What a bunch of disgusting hippie dopers commenting here.

Yes, next civil war, you human vomits will hang with your guts spilled out,
I will guarantee you that!!!