Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Credibility... It's the only currency that means anything on this kind of playing field. Dean's got the tape, and he's gonna come out with it. And when he does, I want his credibility. I want people to know he's lying before they hear what he says. -- Jon Voight as NSA bigwig Thomas Dean in Enemy of the State, 1998.

Remember this story from yesterday?

Now we have this story from today.

Think they're unrelated?


Dennis308 said...

I Also remember your piece about F.D.R. stacking the court to get his B/S agenda (The New Deal) passed through the Courts watchful eye.
This is a situation that will bear watching.
Because of who her husband is Virginia(Genni)Thomas will also bear watching.
I looked up Justice Thomas on wikipedia and I like,at a glance what I see about him.


Dakota said...

a fully engaged opponent of President Barack Obama, whom she has described as “hard left” and steering the nation “for tyranny.”

WOW .... that leaped off the page at me. Cracks are definitely showing in the highway to the socialist "workers paradise". I am sure as the rumblings of freedom open the cracks wider it is going to get very interesting and dangerous. The narcissist in chief is going to get very dangerous to .... all those who oppose the "state".

PioneerPreppy said...

I have mentioned over and over the last 18 months or so that Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and (sometimes) Kennedy were the most important people on earth during the progressive crisis we find ourselves in.

May God protect and watch over them.

parabarbarian said...

This is not surprising. Thomas is the most dangerous Justice on the court as far as Obama is concerned. Thomas appears to recognize that the starting point in analysis of the Constitution is the text of the Constitution itself. From there he examines the historical evidence and examines precedent only after a review of the primary material. Thus, he is willing to ignore precedent when he thinks it is wrong.

On the other hand, Scalia, arguably in the number two slot, is a conservative and, as such, can be expected to hold the line on too radical an expansion of freedom. His hostility to Privileges or Immunities is well known and he seems to have has little use for privacy rights. While not completely reliable from a collectivist point of view, Scalia is quite friendly to the grossly expanded Commerce Clause a large part of the "progressive" agenda relies on.

Defender said...

The author is worried about the effect on "Thomas's impartiality."
Just like a socialist. When liberal statist judges twist and stretch the Constitution like taffy, THAT'S just good and proper judicial responsibility. But when a constitutionalist doesn't interpret but FOLLOWS the letter and spirit of the thing, he's "activist."
And, notice how they didn't capitalize Tea Party. That makes it a little girl's pretend session with her dollies rather than a growing multi-party political force.

Crucis said...

Justice Kennedy has said, leaked via some friends, that he won't retire until at least 2013 when BO should be out of office.

Defender said...

The federal government is going to sue Arizona over the state's attempts to control illegal immigration. "Amnesty" Obama says the nation can't have a patchwork of different immigration laws from state to state. Wouldn't be constitutional.
Patchwork of different state and local laws. Sounds familiar somehow...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike.

And Right On! Parabarbarian. I hope folks remember that it was, the great stalwart of conservatism, Scalia, that gave us -- “Reasonable Restrictions” in the Heller case.