Sunday, September 14, 2014

You've got to be defecating me. John Brown, NFATCA snitch and ATF toady, is nominated for NRA national board?!?

Long-time readers may recall past posts on the subject of John Brown, NFATCA snitch and ATF toady, here, "John Brown's Reputation Lies A-Moulderin' in the Grave, But His Venality Goes Marchin' On (In service to his federal masters)" as well as his participation in "The True Story of the Life of "R.A. Bear": Inception & impregnation into the minds of the ATF via a highly placed snitch named Dan Shea of the NFATCA."
That's enough embarrassment for a lifetime, one would think, but now we learn that this guy is absolutely shameless. Of all the unmitigated gall, ATF's second-best friend in the NFATCA wants to be an NRA director!
So, all you NRA folks, if you want to put in a director whose testicles are already in an ATF lock box, by all means, vote for John Brown. I'm sure he will get along well with LaPierre, Cox and all the other sellout Lairds of Fairfax.


Anonymous said...

A nomination is only a nomination. He probably won't be elected by the NRA membership.

= Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

The NRA is what it is - a well disguised gun control organization.

It's just time to face it, admit it and then do something about it.


Anonymous said...

With the SAF and its smarmy compromise-with-evil Neville Chamberlain mimicking sellout Alan Gottleib taking over the JPFO and this sort of thing going on with NRA, its becoming more and more apparent that the -ONLY- true-blue honest-to-goodness pro-2A group is GOA.

In fact- we'd likely be under the thumb of further "gun control" after Sandy Hook if it weren't for GOA and its no compromise attitude to preserving (whats left of) our fundamental rights.
The argument could be made that GOA was directly responsible for stonewalling that attempt to grab, and that all the other groups (including my once-beloved JPFO) did only peripheral work and that ONLY AFTER the political winds were turned against the grabbers by the verve and pluck of GOA and pro-2A Americans that stood up with GOA as well as standing on their own and saying: "no more- I will not be penalized and have my rights (further) violated because of the actions of individual madmen, take your fascist collective guilt and stuff it".

This is the principle of GOA and the principle that any pro- 2A organization must have of its own volition; we should not have to keep constant tabs on these folks to ensure they are toeing that line (and not "nominating" schnooks like this) - they should WANT to be in this fight for the sake of preserving their own principles and liberties, and if they aren't, but are willing to take your money..... well we see how it is, and we see them for who they TRULY are..... and what they truly want.(YOUR MONEY)

Now, some may point out that this is only a nomination, but when people like THIS are even remotely considered for such by a group thats SUPPOSED to be on our side......

When there is a conclusive and concurrent historical record of anti-2A behavior from a group.....(such as supporting the evil nazi plagiarized GCA68 in part or in whole)......

With "friends" like these who needs enemies? (and we have plenty of those)

Join GOA.

No more "compromise" and no more dollars to fund those groups who do.

Molon Labe.

Anonymous said...


That grey says "probably" to qualify "won't be elected" demonstrates that even he sees - though tries not to forthrightly admit- the idiocy coursing through the NRAs veins.
That's funny shit right there.

If the NRA was ANYWHERE even close to what so many think it is, then there wouldn't be any "probably" about it and any nomination of this caliber would be met with laughter that instantly turned into chiding, deriding and more pictures on the net of torn up membership cards.

The NRA today IS a owned tool of government employed to impose gun control upon the Citizenry - mostly used as a credible propaganda source that convinces it's own members to 1) stand down their own defense of their own rights - conceding that fight to be waged by the "NRA" instead and 2) that state level gun control is so much "better" than local gun control that magically it isn't even gun control anymore!!!

I am not sure which is worse. That the NRA does this crap or That the Citizenry is so dumbed down that they embrace the crap being foisted upon them by political hacks.

Unknown said...

Anonymous may not like the NRA, but has he done as much to help struggling gun clubs as the NRA has? They have given us thousands of dollars to buy Junior Rifle program rifles and equipment so that we could introduce hundreds of kids to the safe and fun use of firearms. It is guys like him that cause the NRA to have to spend needed dollars to counteract his garbage. As treasurer of our indoor range I know how much the NRA has benefited getting lots of kids to love guns. His rhetoric only hurts that and he should keep his trap shut.

Oregon Hobo said...

I have difficulty summoning the words to express my disgust.

...but I'll give it a shot. I think we all agree that the NRA is way off the rails, but in what way is it strategically favorable to simply give up an organization with 4 million members and the sort of universal name recognition that the NRA commands?

We proclaim oursleves the last bulwark against against tyranny, yet when faced with such a mundane setback as a wayward lobbying group, we cry out that all is lost and that our only hope is to quit the field?

We can support GOA, and that's great. We should. That doesn't mean you can't afford the minimum membership fee to vote this SOB down in the next NRA election next spring. This is not SAF where Gottlieb owns the org til the day he dies. If the NRA is led by a bunch of snakes and collaborators, we should cast blame at our bathroom mirrors. Do we think we are owed honorable allies in this fight with no effort on our own part? What kind of FSA sniveling is this?

FIGHT, DAMNIT! Mike has identified a key high value target for us. Are we so eager to surrender that we will leap to give up the NRA to any Quisling that lays eyes upon it?

If this is so, please spell out more clearly for me what we stand to gain by losing this battle before a single shot is fired*?


* That was a figure of speech Mr. Federal Agent, so no need to audit my wife, shoot my dog, grenade my kids, or burn down my house.

avordvet said...

Oregon Hobo said...

The NRA has been off the tracks for a long time and as you may well know, the NRA hasn't really been on the 2A's side for awhile now, they are on their own side.

As for 'retaking' the NRA, that was tried a number of years ago when the NRA was giving A ratings to hard core Dem Gun Control politicians.

I actually rejoined the NRA after a long hiatus to help push the process along, to no avail... LaPierre and the NRA BoD just said STFU and went on their merry way.

I knew the NRA had failed during the 2010 Gun Rally in D.C. and the RTC armed rally in northern Virginia... It wasn't the NRA leadership standing next to us in the field at Gravelly Point, it was Larry Pratt of the GOA on the back of a truck with a bullhorn.

The NRA hasn't been on our side for a VERY long time, how about we support some groups that are... Just sayin.

A little history on the NRA is in order...

Anonymous said...

Ahh, like trying to get PUBLIC dollars for a PRIVATE range when Chicago was in the running for Olympics ? THAT kind of "help" for ranges? Uh huh. Spoken like a true GOPe.

Why reduce the power of the NRA? Ummm because it's actually a gun control group conning Fudds into supporting a outright affront to the Second Amendment.

And I get a kick out of the "I bet you haven't done what the NRA has" pathetic spin too. Right, I haven't. I don't support gun CONTROL, I actually oppose it openly.

Well over a hundred letters to the editor PRINTED. hand delivered letters, some dozens of pages, given to every constitutional officer of the state, too many candidate meet and greets to count, one on one discussions with legislators, and even openly facing off with the NRA paid lobbyist and then run off for daring to question why the historical facts prove what they do.

In a nutshell, I fight for my own Second Amendment rights and rather than adopting a fools errand like handing over cash hand thinking someone else will do it for me.

Oh yeah, and then there's that whole wrote every internet post I can calling out the NRA for its nefarious and or pathetic counterproductive choice making.

I've studied the roots homeboy. I understand the Doctrine of Selective Incorporation. I understand Baron and slaughterhouse and presser and heller and McDonald. I understand and have been arguing P and I for well over a decade (over a quarter of my life and almost every second of it since I LEARNED just how much our rights have been infringed and abridged) while explaining the idiocy AND dangers of "due process". All while you prolly don't even know the difference - and possibly not even understanding what P and I even IS!

The most important retort I have for you is this. I took the time to become educated about the HOW of gun control - which leads to the REAL WHY. I share that knowledge with others every chance I get. So go ahead and try your Saul Alinski "shoot the messenger" tactic, try to demean me and belittle me by attacking my cred with innuendo. It's not my first rodeo, it's not like I've never taken heat for telling the truth about the NRA. I AINT SKEEERED of that intellectually lightweight and dishonest tactic. I actually like it - because standing up to it shows every open eyed reader just who has the hollow point bullets and who has the hollow debate.

The NRA actually HARMS individual rights with its position held - it supports due process incorporation WHICH relegates inalienable rights endowed by our Crestor to nothing more than government issued permissions.

Come on back and try again when you are actually armed, home slice. Bring some facts - like this - the NRA turned a blind eye to Rangles voice vote that was clearly opposed yet he deemed passed without objection. CUZ the NRA WANTS government to control guns!!!! I bet the farm you don't even know what that means. I'll put my knowledge and the sharing of it up against your pathetic politics of personal destruction via innuendo any day of the week.

Interestingly, that you would attack a "purist" like myself DEMONSTRATES my point about the NRA quite nicely. And I bet that's beyond you too. A member of the NRA attacking a person standing stridently for the Second Article of Amendment - IMAGINE THAT!
See it yet, home slice? No you prolly don't. Or won't.