Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Praxis: Making AK-47 Magazines – Matra in Bosnia

Matra Group, a company out of Bosnia and Herzgovina, has released a video showcasing just about the entirety of manufacturing AK magazines. Using sheet metal, stampings, and basic welds, the magazines come together quickly and easily with only the most basic of milling requirements.


Anonymous said...

Making the magazines isnt hard. Making the tooling is another matter.
But ive seen guys in africa with little more than a hammer, ground pieces of rebar and an anvil or other chunk or hard metal form magazines and entire AK receivers and other stamped parts by hand.
I also saw people do a remarkable job of making barrels from truck axles and boring them with a piece of steel rod with a piece of harden steel welded then grinded on the tip. The lathe was the truck itself with a rinkydink fixture to hold the homemade drill bolted on inplace of the brake. Then they pulled a ground button thru for the rifling.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that by the time you acquire the materials and tools and develop the needed skills to make those mags, you could just buy some mags. They're pretty cheap at gun shows.