Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gun control becomes a litmus test in Democratic primaries.

"Liberals across the country are challenging fellow Democrats on guns in primaries, opening up divisions within the party on one of the most volatile issues of 2016."


FedUp said...

If only Hillery style gun grabbers are eligible to win Dem primaries, does that mean that Dems are only allowed to win progressive metropolitan elections next year?

I guess 1994 is beyond the Democratic Party's functional memory.

Anonymous said...

Every day is opposite day for the progressives at Polshitico! I've read lots of articles that were devoid of actual fact so that one doesn't even stand out as all that bad. When one analyses the points, it's even possible to cherry pick a truth or two.

McKenna said. “The country is changing. …" That is correct. Every time ZeroBum opens his mouth, gun stores sell out of inventory. It's one of the few growth industries in the U.S.

Have a Merry Christmas Mike!



Anonymous said...

It would be a litmus test in a general too, and dens know it.

Ed said...

I wish that primary ballot selections included "None of the Above".
I sometimes leave a selection blank as I cannot vote for any of the candidates for an office.
So far, there has been no Democrat Party candidate for President that I could vote for in the upcoming primary.

Anonymous said...

"And, Lord, please turn the ankles of my enemies that I may know them by their limping." -- part of an Irish prayer.