Tuesday, December 15, 2015

David Codrea at the Arizona Citizens Defense League.



Anonymous said...

Regarding the Fast and Furious operation David is citing, he mentions that the ATF was allowing known illegal "Straw Purchases" to take place. I've heard him say this numerous times in other talks. The problem I have with this narrative is, If the gun dealer KNEW or SUSPECTED that a sale he was conducting was likely an illegal "straw purchase" why did none of the dealers stop the transaction and refuse to conduct the sale? Seriously. It's not required for them to sell any of their firearms to someone who they strongly suspect may be lying on the Form 4473.
Any ethical FFL dealer would have told the purchaser, "You know what, Dude? I'm not comfortable selling this rifle to you. I don't think you are being honest with me and I don't think that it will be used safely, responsibly or legally. Thanks for stopping by today but our business is finished. Please leave my store."
No phone calls to the ATF were even necessary.
No, "Hey, ATF guy. Yeah, I got this guy in my store who I really think is buying this rifle to send into Mexico to drug dealers but you guys cleared the sale. So, do I still sell it to him?"
Just chat the customer up. If your BS detector goes off you tell them, "You are going to have to find another store to buy from because I can't morally make this sale."
So while I place blame on the ATF for conducting this operation in the first place, that is knowingly approving the background checks on the sales of these weapons, I sincerely believe that those FFL dealers who stated their misgivings also bear some responsibility for completing the sales even though their experience told them that it was most likely a Straw Purchase.

Anonymous said...

Even better the second time around!

Thanks David!


Chiu ChunLing said...

Okay, just to review, the ATF assured FFL holders that the purchases were going to be tracked and would serve a law-enforcement purpose, by implication allowing them to take down "big bads".

The FFL holders who cooperated were stupid, but they weren't to blame. They made an honest mistake by thinking that the ATF was engaged in law-enforcement rather than criminal subversion of the law for propaganda purposes.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the ffl dealers had a choice. G man never give you a choice. Its there way no matter what. Dead man walking. Behind enemy lines Ct.