Thursday, January 10, 2013

The sellout shapes up.

Three areas where Biden and NRA can find common ground.
The NRA itself has changed since the conservative movement coalesced to take over the previously sportsman-focused organization. In the 1930s, the NRA supported the U.S. ban on machine guns, which still stands. Likewise, the NRA backed the 1968 Gun Control Law passed by President Johnson after the assassinations of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy. "Today's NRA is not that of our grandfathers," said Gerney. "Unfortunately, the leadership of the NRA has turned the organization into an obstacle, rather than the partner of decades ago, in the effort to pass smart laws to keep guns away from dangerous people."
The NRA's hard turn to the right makes it highly unlikely that it will want to work with the White House on any measure. But in fact there is some common ground to be found, even between these political foes. Ironically, that common ground is likely to be found in increased federal enforcement of existing laws through executive order, the same remedy that the Drudge Report disgustingly demagogued on Wednesday by comparing executive orders by the president of the United States to tyrannical actions taken by the mass murderers Hitler and Stalin. It was a shocking reminder of just how unhinged and hateful our civic debates have become.
But beyond these efforts to fear-monger for political and personal profit, the fact that some common ground exists between the White House and the NRA on gun control should be a heartening.
David Codrea comments:
Somebody fed this guy the agenda, possibly this guy, because all of these points track closely with an embargoed copy of the press release his group doesn't want going out until after today's group grope.
All I can say is, if NRA doesn't lead, if they let NSSF and IFoA push compromise, or if there's some kind of stupid good cop/bad cop they're going to play to give them plausible deniability that they had to come up with something, remember this post and remember this one.


Scott J said...

Like David wrote yesterday. I'm done being a scapegoat.

I have a co-worker cautioning me to be more secretive of my gun hobby these days. I refuse under the above premise.

If I suffer economically because of it my lawsuit will be epic.

SWIFT said...

John Avlon, talking about the NRA: "But, beyond these efforts to fear-monger for political and personal profit......", he shows his bias by not mentioning that his hero's, THE SPLC, Brady Bunch, Piers Morgan, Feinstein, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, do the exact same thing. I'd love to confront this left-wing zombie and have him "splain" to me, what the difference is. But, it would be a waste of time. As I and many others have said, the divisions between left and right are insurmountable. They can only be resolved after the dust settles from the opening of hostilities. Also, we need an insider to watch the NRA throughout this whole phony process.

Anonymous said...

Here was another NRA sell out moment:

NRA Issues Gag Order to Its Board Members on Elena Kagan

It's guaranteed that the NRA will sell out, just like you can count on Boehner to sell out.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your pay check that the NRA will sell out on high cap mags. What we are seeing is pure undiluted political theatre !

Will the criminals give up their high cap mags,we all know the answer to that don't we ?

Anonymous said...

Biden is still alive after the NRA meeting.

What's the f**king point of "fighting for Guns" if you're not going to fight?

Johnny said...

The NRA will fold like a poop bag.