Sunday, January 13, 2013

The "Long march through the institutions." Race War Unchained.

In his study The Two Revolutions: Gramsci and the Dilemmas of Western Marxism, Marxist theoretician Carl Boggs emphasizes that "the transition to socialism must occur on two distinct but interwoven terrains -- the state and the economy.
"Those seeking the triumph of socialist revolution will not prevail by simply overthrowing "the existing state machinery, or [destroying] the old institutions, or even [bringing] into power leaders calling themselves 'communists.' Beneath the level of insurrection and statecraft there must be a gradual conquest of social power, initiated by popular subversive forces emerging from within the very heart of capitalist society."
Rudi Dutschke described this process as "the long march through the institutions" -- the Marxist conquest of universities, schools, the news media, entertainment, churches and other religious bodies, tax-exempt foundations, and other key institutions. -- Gramsci: A Method to the Madness by William Norman Grigg.
Antonio Gramsci, Marxist theoretician.
Hollywood has been instrumental in this "long march through the institutions" aiming to undermine traditional American culture. Now they are soliciting race war.
The Left’s New Fantasy: Murderous Revenge
Minister Farrakhan on “Django Unchained”: ‘…It’s Preparation for Race War’


Anonymous said...

I thinking that ole Quentin T, and the other fools just made it onto someone's list....

I always looked at gangs as being the "militia" or military power of certain races. I have often thought that it would be a racial incident that set off the next civil war.

The news media already suppress violence against whites. Here is a local one... Detroit PD didn't respond, and Wayne State PD didn't want a report made on an aggravated assault....3 Black Men and a black woman v. a young white hipster and his girlfriend.

here is thomas sowell and his commentary on the race war:

It is here people, if the news media would actually report the news, the unrest would be boiled over by now....

Anonymous said...

Anything by Will Grigg is gold. Check out the lewrockwell blog or his columns on lewrockwell - they document in great detail the indictment of our modern day fascist police state.

Paul X said...

It no longer makes any sense to talk about left or right. For example, those we now know as neocons started out as Troskyists. And think how little separated the position of Obama and Romney. I think the left-right split, whatever utility it may previously have had, now has been adopted by the rulers to obfuscate reality.

The rulers are constantly able to adapt according to circumstances. For example, once they simply kept the peons ignorant, not letting them learn to read. Now they "educate" us in their indoctrination centers ("public schools"), an import from socialist Prussia.

The correct split in society is a parasitic ruling class vs. everyone else.