Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Private Pilot Nearly Shot Down for Violating "Secret No-Fly Zone"



Anonymous said...

Yes and if we ALL don't bow in worship to the God king and his holy black uniformed ninja/nazi scum, they will kill US in secret and without warning.

Anonymous said...


The Contents of this NOTAM:

good Grief
I've long suspected things would get this bad.
Heck, I did a Kamakazee dive on the USS Missouri with the Mighty Cessna 150 when she was anchored off Victoria, middle '90s.
What possible Hide-Under-Bed-Boogyman-Gargantuan-Threat from General Aviation???
Since 9/11: ALL FUN; KILLED
Sold the Plane.
Squawking 7600
Shutter the Airports.
'Hangar Flying' going to get real interesting as exposure to Evil during Flight grows in Scope and Breadth.

Parrothead Jeff said...

Believable, but disgusting. Matt Bracken is so right about all this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm. ..
If it was a SECRET, how was the pilot supposed to know it was a "no fly zone"?
Just askin'.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander..

All we have to do is create some "Secret Traveling Liberty Zones" and do the same to them, only leave them stripped nekked, tarred and feathered and tied face up to a tree.

Yank lll

CJ said...

Just outrageous! Secret No-Fly Zone? What else is secret out there only to find out about it at gunpoint?

SWIFT said...

I would not have signed ANY document releasing those guilty of illegal detention. I would have explained that I am solidly behind Obama's program of redistributing the wealth, from the Homies pocket into mine. Threats do not work with me. Too old to be intimidated by punks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what they would have done if he refused to sign. Shoot him, put him in the plane and crash it, that's what. We reached the bottom folks. Secret courts, secret trials, secret memos, secret surveillance, secret drone program..and secret murdering. Yesireeebob. We reached the bottom. Fuck Amerika and the pond scum murderers running it. Why don't they just go ahead and put up a Swastika on the Homeland Security logo..after all..we already know what they are.

Anonymous said...

Grigg always has great stuff on the lewrockwell blog. The guy was probably better off signing the statement and then publicizing it rather than refusing to sign it - after all, with the NDAA law that the GOP overwhelmingly supported, Obama could have decided to indefinitely detain him or even just assassinate him.

Happy D said...

His promise not sue was signed under duress. It thus is not legally binding.
If he has a good lawyer he could still sue.
When forced to sign such a form insert a duress code such as
U.D. for UNDER DURESS as your middle initials.