Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Now that the larger cover-up worked, all can be forgiven.

Fast and Furious whistleblower cleared by ATF. No one will ever know the guts it took for this man to do what he did.


Totally F'ing Disgusted said...

Another pile of feces covered up by these clowns....move on people no truth to see here.
God I hate this government,

Paul X said...

Look at the bright side, Mike. These actions are not without cost. As a result of F&F, yet another crowd of people have given up their faith in this government.

They think we can be ruled regardless of what we think of them, but this is wrong. Even the worst tyrant needs support (at least in the form of fear) of the people he rules over, as Boetie wrote years ago.


SWIFT said...

Look at the timing. It has been suggested that, as part of the gun control package to be introduced by President Zero, a permanent ATF Director be appointed. So, Thomas Brandon, positioning himself for the appointment, lavishes praise on and exonerates Dodson. This is just too in-your-face to be believed! I don't know why, but I expected at least a little more finesse from that colony of cockroaches. WTF, over?

Trinity said...

Realistically, could we the American public -- considered subjects by the governing elites -- expect any more than this tacit praise for blowing the whistle? This just goes to prove that there is more than one way to skin a cat or cover up officially sanctioned corruption.